Thankful words.


So let’s review what God wants us to know.  First, we can change the course of our lives by speaking God’s word according to His will.  Our lives can take a path of EXtraordinary by fulfilling God’s will for our lives.  We don’t have to stay stuck in the rut of becoming “just like our mother or father” or “just like your black sheep uncle.”  We can accomplish amazing things through God.  We only have to be willing to do what He asks.  Is living for God easy?  The answer is “no.”  That is why the Bible says in Matthew 22:14: For many are called (invited, summoned), but few are chosen.” Even though this may not be an easy road to travel, the rewards are tremendous.
Secondly, we have to speak God’s words into existence.  We have to remember that our words have POWER.  We either speak life and blessings or curses and death with our tongue.  Our words can propel us into our divine destiny, or they can send our lives into an unraveled mess.  We have to choose.  We have to pick which one we want for our lives.
Thirdly, we can break all the “spoken curses” uttered into existence over ourselves and our loved ones.  We can break every plot and plan of the enemy with the powerful blood of our living Savior.
Now, let us discuss thankful words.  The Bible says this about thankful words in Psalms 100:4: 4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto Him and bless His name.  Praises should continually come from our lips.  We need to desire to be worshippers like King David.  He was the worshipper of all worshippers.   King David wrote in Psalms 34:1: I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. King David knew that his worship which included thankfulness was the way to stay in God’s presence.
In God’s presence is where we need to be at all times.  People always talk about finding a rare place to seek peace & serenity.    Being in God’s presence is being in the ultimate place of peace.  This kind of peace does not exist on this earth.  God’s place of peace is supernatural and passes our understanding.  God has allowed me to occupy His peace and serenity on several occasions.  It is a place that is indescribable with mere words.  I long and desire with all my heart to occupy that holy place again.
Whatever situation we are facing, our attitude needs to be one of thankfulness.  I understand you may be thinking that this is easier said than done.  Please remember that God’s words say “All things are possible through Christ Jesus.” Bear in mind that our attitude determines our altitude.  Our nature is to complain and whine about the situations we are currently facing.  That is “normal” behavior for us.  Some of us whine and complain more than others.  It doesn’t matter if you complain a little or a lot.  God looks at our attitude.  We need to look at our battles as opportunities to become grateful & victorious.  Be thankful that when we are victorious, we will be stronger, and our faith will reach new levels.
I understand that certain things we have to face may appear unfair sometimes.  Some people seem to go through battle after battle with little to no rest or victory between each fight.  Do you know someone like that?  I truly believe in my heart that God has something so incredibly EXtraordinary in store for this person.  Why is there little to no victory in their lives?  Could it be the way this person is going through the battles?  It makes me wonder.  I am curious about this.
Being curious about it leads me to ask God why these sorts of things happen.  I have heard too many people say that we should not ask God “why God.”  If we don’t ask questions, how can we know what we are doing incorrectly?   I ask why all the time.  I ask for understanding and knowledge to fix these issues.  Time is too precious to keep going through the same battles over and over again.  Obviously, God is trying to teach us something wonderful if we keep going through the same battle again and again.
Could it be the way this person is going through each battle?  Could the “words” that are spoken into existence be words of complaints and whining?  Is this something to pray about and ask God?  There has to be a reason!  There is a reason we go through the things we do.  Everything happens for a reason.  There are no such things as coincidences.  If there are words of whining and complaining, then there can’t be words of thankfulness.  Remember it has to be one (complaints) or the other (thankfulness).  Complaints are counterproductive to thankfulness and vice versa.
Why is there so much animosity in this person’s life?  I would want to know why these fights keep happening without victories.  I would HAVE to know how to fix it.  Could it be that the enemy has them in disarray and confusion, so they never reach their EXtraordinary divine purpose?  My heart says the answer is “yes.”  God’s words say that we need to keep our eyes on Him because this is when our help arrives.  In Psalms 121:2 it says: My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.  If God Almighty created the heaven and earth, isn’t He mighty enough to find a way for you to be victorious in your current situation?
Psalm 121 goes on to say this: I will lift up my eyes to the hills [of Jerusalem]— From where shall my help come? 2My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth. 3 He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber. In this verse, I see God saying to us that if we keep our eyes focused upon Him, that we will not be able to concentrate on the battle we are currently facing.  Just like our words have to be either blessings or curses, so does the thing we choose to be our object of focus.  If we focus on God’s glory, and our spoken words are His words, how can we fail?
If you can’t find the God words to speak or maybe your pain is too acute, then just say the simple words of “thank you, God.”  Say “thank you God” because He loves you so much.  Say “thank you God” because He will never forsake you.  Say “thank you God” because He is so indescribable.  If the words “thank you God” cannot be uttered, then just say the most powerful name in the world.  Just whisper “Jesus.”  Just His name makes demons tremble in fear.  Every name must bow down to the most powerful name of “Jesus.”  Just by saying “Jesus” makes it possible for other words to follow.  His name “clears the path” so to speak.  Please grab this in your spirit.  Just whispering the name of “Jesus” makes it possible for our spirit to cry out other words of thankfulness.
Maybe your sorrow is too overbearing to utter words of gratitude. Maybe your current situation has your mind so cluttered with doubt, fear, and confusion, but the devil is a liar!  Utter out “Jesus” over and over again and watch how that fear, confusion, and doubt have to flee your spirit.  That name of Jesus causes those negative emotions to flee and makes it possible for other words of thankfulness to come forth. Try it out.  Try whispering out the most powerful name of “Jesus” over and over again.  See for yourself how your spirit can lift out of its current place of sorrow and fear.  Let the enemy hear that you mean to be victorious by using the incredible name of “Jesus.” See we can have a joy that passes understanding as we go through our toughest battles.  God’s word says so.  In  Psalms 28:7 it says: The LORD is my strength and my [impenetrable] shield; My heart trusts [with unwavering confidence] in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices, And with my song I shall thank Him and praise Him.
We have to let our thankful words make the path for our “But God” moments.  There is no other way.  When we clear the way, then we make it possible for ourselves to utter out Godly words to bring those things that are not into existence.  We make it possible for God to inhabit our lives through our thankful words.  When we speak grateful words, I imagine God is up in heaven telling the Savior and the angels how wonderful we are.  He is the happy father poking everyone in the side and saying “that’s my child down there” speaking thankful words through all their doubt and fear.
As I mentioned in a previous post, the enemy thinks he can dampen the power of the name of “Jesus” by desensitizing our minds and spirits on just how awesome that name truly is.  The enemy is a liar.  The name of “Jesus” will never lose its power.  The name of “Jesus makes the impossible things possible.  The name of “Jesus” brings about healing and restoration.  The name of “Jesus” causes mountains to move.  The name of “Jesus” brings about our “But God” encounters.
You must win every victory through your “thankful words.”  Our “thankful words” have to precede anything we may ask of God.  In closing, let summarize what we have to focus on:
1)  We have to make a decision that nothing or no one is going to steal our joy.
2)  We have to speak “thankful words.”
3)  We have to praise God through every battle till we reach our victory.
4)  God inhabits our “thankful words.”
5)  Negative things and emotions CANNOT occupy the same place as joy and “thankful words.”
6)  “Thankful words” make it possible for the impossible to occur in our lives.
7)  The power of the name “Jesus” will never lose its power.
Can I pray with you?  God in heaven, please let me focus on thankful words.  Please let your praise continually come from my mouth.  Let this praise be pleasing to you.  Let my praise break every plot of the enemy.  Let my “thankful words” bust through every obstacle that is holding me back from my victory.  Let my “God words” bring about the incredible changes in my life.  Let me focus on the “God words” that needs uttering into existence.  Holy Spirit comfort me like only you can when my spirit is heavy.  It is written in Isaiah 61:3 that you give me the spirit of praise for the garment of heaviness.  In John 37:3, it is written, that out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water.  God, I truly believe that the living water is praise.  God use me for your glory.  Let what others may think are victim situations become victories to share with others facing these same issues.  Let my tests turn into testimonies.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
If you are seeking to have a relationship with the King of Kings, then there is another prayer God wants to extend to you.  Maybe you were once close to God but have moved away from him.  Then this prayer is for you.  Please pray with me.  “Dear Father, please forgive me for my sins.  God, please cleanse me with the precious blood of Jesus.  I know Christ died on the cross for me.  I know He was crucified, buried and then arose on the third day.  I know He ascended and now sits on the right hand of God.  I receive Jesus as my savior.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
I pray that as your bellies flow with living waters, your lives will transform into your God preordained destinies.  God bless you all.

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