Father, we need Your protection.


God in heaven, please protect this great nation of ours.  Father, protect all of its citizens.  Father, heal every division holding us apart from one another.  Jesus, we place a hedge of protection around this nation.

Father God set angels at every border & entry point.  Angels, we command you in Jesus’ name to stop every person trying to enter this great nation that would bring harm and destruction to us.

God expose and destroy every plot and plan of the enemy to bring death and destruction to this nation and its citizens. Father divinely protect us!

God, let us realize that You are our answer.  I hear the Spirit of God calling us all back to Him.  Father, open our ears to listen, open our eyes to see Your truth and open our hearts to receive You Father.  Turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh that they may receive Your grace, peace, and love back into their spirits.

Father, convict us daily if we do not pray for our nation.  We all have to include prayers for the safety of this nation.  It is our duty!  We have to ask for Your divine protection.  We HAVE to ask for Your help through our prayers.  Father, help us not to be selfish and only pray for ourselves.  It is imperative that our prayers extend to our nation, our leaders and every citizen of this beautiful country.

We have to pray for our leaders!  Whether we like them or not.  Whether we agree with them or not.  We have to pray for them.

God, in Jesus’s name we ask that You keep all of our leaders humble and focused on You.  God, let them call on You for every decision they are required to make.  God, convict them when they don’t place You first.  God, convict them when they are selfish and reckless.  Remind them Father that they were elected by the people and should govern FOR the people.  God, break their pride and arrogance.  We bind their pride and arrogance in Jesus’ name.  God, we loose humility, thoughtfulness, and modesty in its place.  God, Your word says in Matt. 16:19 what we bind on earth is bound in heaven and what we loose on earth is loosed in heaven.  God, restore this nation back to her greatness.  We ask all theses things in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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