I am the daughter of the Most-High God!!!

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God, thank You that I am the daughter of the Most-High God! God, thank You that I am an heir to the kingdom of heaven and a joint-heir with Jesus! God, thank You for reminding me today of WHO I AM!!! God, I love You more than I can explain with these mere words. God, You have brought me from a mighty long way! God, as I sit here and write these words to You, my soul is being renewed & rejuvenated. Your word says that you give me courage & strength (Deut31:6). God, I need those today!  The things of this world are trying to weight my spirit down.  God, as my words of worship and praise leaves my lips, I feel You drawing me closer to You.  God, let me always stay in Your presence! There is nothing or no other place like it.  In Your presence, I am made whole again.  I find Your glorious peace & Your abundant love there. God, thank You for loving me the way that You do.  I don’t always deserve Your unfailing love. I have come short of Your expectations on many occasions.  I have walked away from You on many occasions.  I had even blamed You when things went wrong in my life.  I have been disobedient. There were so many times You told me not to do something, but I did it anyway. Then, like always, after disobeying, I cried out for You to rescue me.  You always answered my cries for help.  Your word says that You will rescue us in our times of trouble(Psalms 50:15). God, thank You that my Savior, Jesus, qualified me to receive everything You have in store for me.  His blood will NEVER lose its power!  He is my living Redeemer! #God #SCRIPTURE #love #believe #blessings #worship #Savior #redeemed #redeaemer #Jesus #TrustHim

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