God, fill us with BOLDNESS & DETERMINATION to pray for restoration, peace, love & unity.


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God, it is Your mandate that we pray for each other via intercessory prayer 1 Timothy 2:2 . Your word also instructs us to pray for our leaders 1 Timothy 2:1-7 .

God, as we join in agreement in prayer for our leaders, our country & each other, we ask that You hear our cries. God, let us bombard all of heaven with intercession, groanings & prayers via our spirit man Romans 8:26-27.

God, as You hear our prayers, I ask that You, in turn, give us a new fire & anointing.  God, give us revelation on how to pray to set this nation on a new path of healing & restoration.

God, reunite this mighty nation. Your word says that a divided house cannot stand Mark 3:25 . God, end all of this fighting, bickering, arguing, name calling, bullying & rioting. This nation is teetering on restoration or destruction.

God, let our leaders know that their discourse is only hurting the innocent men, women & families of this nation.  God, convict each one of them for their stubbornness and unwillingness to work together to help the American people.

God, break every demonic spirit of discourse that is holding this nation back from stepping into Her blessings. God, break every opposition of hate, bitterness, pride, disagreement & selfishness.

God, we have to stand with our praying brothers & sisters in the White House. God, bless them beyond what they can contain. 

Father, please keep them safe and focused on You.  God, fill us with the same boldness & determination to continue to pray for our leaders, this nation, and it’s citizens.

I ask all these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.






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