Happy New Year 2018!

God, as we approach a new year, let us start to think about how You want to transform us in 2018.
Father, we seek transformational change in 2018.
Father, transform us into what You created each of us to be.
God, open our eyes to see how much You have already blessed each one of us.
God, let us enter 2018 with a heart that is full of gratitude & thankfulness.
Renew our hearts & our spirits. Create in each of us a clean and a pure heart.
Whatever is in our spirits that is unpleasing to You, we ask that You remove it.
Father, remove all anger, regrets, unforgiveness, hate, disdain, jealousy, unhappiness and bitterness that is lingering in our hearts.
Father, give us a new identity. Change our names as You did for Jacob’s name to Israel.
In Jesus’ name, we come into agreement and pray. Amen.

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