The priceless gift!


What is the ultimate and most priceless gift you can bestow onto your children?
The world tells us that this kind of priceless gift would be vast riches or a very successful business empire.
That priceless gift IS worship. Worship is pleasing to God. How incredible it is to please our almighty God with our worship.
Our worship destroys all thoughts of hopelessness, depression, anxiety, unworthiness, sadness, heaviness, and self-pity.
How wonderful to know that your children would not be affected by the pain of these feelings?
How wonderful to know that your children can access the throne room of God with their worship.
How priceless to know your children are honed into God’s will for their life via their worship?
No monetary value can be placed on that kind of Godly access. There is no amount of riches that can be paid for this type of access.

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