What is in His name?


His name is alpha and omega(Rev22:13). He is the beginning and the end. All started with Him, and all will finish with Him.
His name speaks provision. God shall provide all my needs(Phil4:19).
His name speaks of unconditional love as Jesus stood in your place at the cross(Rom3:23-31).
His name speaks of healing. For our Savior is our healer(Exo23:25).
His name speaks of strength (Jer16:19). He is my strong tower and my refuge during times of distress.
Speak the name that will never lose its power. If you have no words to speak, then speak the one name that holds all power, Jesus.
Speak His name, and it changes the atmosphere. All demons must flee at the mention of His name.
No matter how much the world works to desensitize the power of His name, it will never lose one ounce of power that it contains.

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