God, help me find more happiness.

Worship a God who mercies never end. He is merciful, loving, understanding and compassionate.
I am so thankful for the blessing of living in a country where I can speak freely of His mercy, grace, and all encompassing love!
His love for every one of us is indescribable. It is never-ending, overwhelming, and all-engulfing.
What are you thankful for today? Have you thanked Him today? Have you told Him how grateful you are today?
A happier life can start with the simplicity of thankfulness. Be thankful in all things(1 Thes5:18).
We all seek, desire, and want to be happier. We all strive for true happiness.
Thankfulness is a key to achieving a happier life because it changes your outlook and your atmosphere.
Thankfulness to God brings your focus back to Him. Focusing on God always brings happiness, directions, answers, and knowledge.

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