God, break this hatred!


Father, our hearts are full of bewilderment. We see people arguing, name calling, and uttering vile obscenities about each other.
Why? Why do we speak such vile nastiness to each other? Why do we spew so much anger, hate, and malice at one another?
We assume to know that a person is racist, hateful, evil, and despicable.
We assume these things we are speaking are correct when we have no idea if it is true.
Some have utterly convinced themselves that the ugliness they speak about other people is accurate.
God, this self-brainwashing is dangerous. It can lead some to commit atrocious acts of violence with no remorse or concern for the devastation that violence will bring.
Father, where has our decency gone? Your word say’s that men’s hearts will go cold towards one another and that wickedness will multiply(Matt24:12).
We know Your word will come to pass. We know that Your word is real.
God, hear our prayers today as we ask for this wickedness, coldness, frustration, and hatefulness to be broken.
Father, hear us cry out to You. God, turn the hearts of stone back into hearts of flesh.
Let the heats of stone be flesh towards You again. You are the only answer to every problem our nation is facing. God break every ounce of hate engulfing us. God, convict every heart that contains hate for other individuals.
Heal our land, Father. Let us turn from our wickedness, pray, and seek Your face(2 Chronicles 7:14).
Holy Spirit, let Your spirit move across our mighty nation. Bring unity and love back to each of us. Heal this divide in our mighty nation.

In the name of Jesus, we agree and pray. Amen.

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