Where did our civility go?


Where has our kindness and caring gone? We have turned cold and heartless to one another.
We have abandoned the “golden rule.” We have left civility far behind.
We have allowed violence, hate, and ugliness to grip our hearts.
Hate and anger now rule our thoughts, emotions, and our actions.
We have gotten to a place where we don’t think violence and thoughts of destruction are wrong.
Has our conscience let go of the notion of what is right and what is wrong? How did we get here? When did we turn down this path of vileness, hatred, and ugliness?
How did we allow ourselves to end up at this place?
How can we turn around? How do we go back to the place where civility rules?
True repentance is how. We need to pray diligently and ask God for His forgiveness. A heart seeking true forgiveness will always find it through our heavenly Father.
Yes, it is true. Each one of us allowed this.
Whether it was through our actions or our inactions, we all allowed this.
God, I am thankful for Your endless forgiveness. I am grateful that You are a loving, forgiving, and gracious Father.
God, forgive each of us. Take control of this situation. We thank and worship You for a divine turn around.
In Jesus’ name, we agree and pray, Amen.

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