God, help California.



God, we call upon You today for every person, animal, tree, plant, building in harm’s way of the California fires.
Father, let us seek You in our times of fear, worries, and times of the unknown.
We ask You to bring those missing to safety.
Holy Spirit, pour out Your calmness over all those in danger. Guide them, Holy Spirit, to a place of safety.
God, send Your divine angles to guide those in danger to safety.
Angels, in the name of Jesus, we dispatch you to help all those who are calling out for help.
Angels, we dispatch you to protect every firefighter, every first responder, and every volunteer.
God, do the impossible! Father, pour out rain onto these fires. Father, calm the winds in the name of Jesus so that the firefighters can gain ground on this destructive fire.
God, fill every firefighter with Your endurance and strength.
Father, hear our united prayers and cries for mercy.
God, we thank You for hearing our pleas for help. We thank You for who You are. We worship the name of the most high King, Jesus.
God, thank You for answered prayers. In the name of Jesus, we pray in unity, and we ask these things. Amen.

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