You were born with a divine destiny and purpose!


Who are you called to be? Who did God create you to become? Each one of us has a divine destiny to fulfill for our Father in heaven.
If you are alive and breathing, you have a purpose to fulfill.
We all seek to live a life that is filled with the most happiness, excitement, and fulfillment we can have.
We are all called to live our best life now.
Each one of us only has one life to live. No man knows when his life will end. With that in mind, we need to live our best life now.
That is what God promises us. He promises to bless us beyond anything we can contain. His word says that He blesses us to be a blessing to others.
If we are blessed to be a blessing to others, then we have to be blessed to overflowing proportions.
Seek God today to find out what your purpose is. Do not think for one moment that you do not have a purpose to fulfill.
A lot of times we do not seek our destiny due to the fear of the unknown.
Fear can hold us captive like a prison. A captive in the same place afraid to move forward and step into God’s divine purpose.
Do not fear. God will provide every appointment and every provision that is needed for you to fulfill His purpose.
Believe who God says you are and step boldly into your divine destiny.
Believe who God created you to be and step boldly into your divine purpose.

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