Be the happiest NOW!



We all seek a happier life now. We all look for things/people that can bring us the most happiness.
We search for gurus, for self-help books, for life coaches, for advice, for new significant others, for new tech toys, for money, for success, for college degrees, and notoriety thinking these things will bring us MORE happiness.
No man is promised a tomorrow. So seek your happiest life now.
How can you gain the happiest life now? With God of course.
Life goes by so fast. Don’t waste another moment not pursuing your Godly divine destiny.
Seek to fulfill God’s divine destiny for your life. God only wants the very best for you. After all, you are his child.
Before the beginning of time, God prepared for you. He planned and set aside everything you would need to fulfill your destiny.
Seek Him to live your best life now! The life He created for you from the beginning of time.

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