Reflections on 2018.



At this time of the year, we start to reflect on the year that has almost ended.
Some of us regret that another year has almost passed and we didn’t get that thing finished that we were so determined to get done at the begging of the year.
We promised ourselves that we would paint that picture, write that book, complete our book of photography, complete that sculpture, get or CD recorded, or get that presentation together for our latest invention.
Then life happens. Things sidetracked us, and we push that focus and determination to complete that one task way down on our “must do” list.
Here is some excellent news! It’s never too late if you have lost your way.
Don’t be so hard on yourself if you have gotten sidetracked, derailed, detoured, or delayed.
Make up your mind once again to get back on track. Pray to ask God to get you refocused, redetermined, reenergized.
Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for conviction when you start to get off track again in the new year.
Whatever that one thing is that brings happiness, excitement, invigoration, joy into your heart and life, pursue it.
Don’t let go of that. That kind of happiness, desire, and longing in your heart for this one thing is from God above. Make sure this coming year is the year that you boldly step into your divine destiny.
Don’t stop believing that you were created on purpose for a purpose. Every single one of us has a destiny to accomplish for God.
Once God reveals that destiny to you, grab hold of that promise and do not let it go until it is fully completed.

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