Make 2019 your stellar year.


If you are determined to make 2019 a stellar year for yourself, there is one change that you must implement.
So many people seek the advice of brilliant businessmen/women, life coaches, or gurus.
Some of this advice might come in a forum that will cost you a pretty penny.
Would you like to know some advice that will alter your life forever?
Getting closer to God is ALWAYS a life changer.
Determine that this will be the year you get to know God more intimately.
God longs to know each of us intimately. He wishes to reveal who He is to us in a way that will forever change our lives.
When I say knowing God more intimately, it does not reference the intimacy of humanity.
Intimacy with God is allowing Him to show us every level of who He is. I am not sure about you, but I want to know God and every level of His awesomeness!
See, I have such a burning desire to know Him more intimately every day.
King David, knew God in a very intimate manner. King David was a worshipper like no other.
Maybe the depths of his worship for God came from the intimate nature of his knowledge of God.
Worship is one other thing that God desires from us. Maybe, the intimacy and worship go hand in hand.
Now maybe you think that you know God because you are very knowable about the bible or perhaps somewhat comprehensible about the bible.
Knowing the Bible and knowing God are two completely different things.
Yes, we should know study and know His word but knowing God is a whole different manner.
Knowing God will bring you into a higher appreciation of Him.
When you know Him more intimately, He will show Himself to you in new profound ways.
Here is my daily prayer to God. I pray it becomes yours too.
My prayer every day is “God, let me know You like no other person has known You. God, reveal things to me that You never have and will never reveal to anyone else.”
Remember, God, says if you seek Him, you will find Him. Let Him know that you desire Him above anything else. Let Him know you want to be closer to Him. When you seek Him in this particular manner, He will not disappoint you.

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