Today, I am filled with new levels of gratefulness.

trust in God3.24.18wp

Who is like our GOD? Who can compare to Him? No one! He is the one true living God! I have to worship Him for He is truly worthy. Nothing and no one can compare to Him.
Today, I am filled with a new level of gratitude towards Him. He as taken care of me in an unexplainable way.
Just as He changed my own life, He will forever change your life for the better. What He has in store for you is something greater.
That something greater is something beyond your wildest dreams and thoughts.
I have to say “Thank You” to Him. He loved me even when I was unlovable, He is everything to me, and there are no mere human words to describe how much I love Him.
When the enemy set out to destroy me, our God took care of me, watched over me, and sent His angels to protect me.
When I was suffering for the consequences of my actions when I chose my choices over God’s when I opened doors that He told me not to open, and when I disobeyed Him, He loved me anyway. He shielded me from the sins that came with along my disobedience.
Just as He did these things for me, He will do the same for you. His word says that He is no respecter of persons.
Today, I say to you seek Him now for His word say that one day He will be searched for and not found. Voices will call out to Him, but He will not answer(Prov1:28).
Do not let that day come upon you without seeking Him first.



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