Did you let your dreams die?


You know what God showed you about your destiny. It was so long ago, but you are holding onto that vision, or did you give up on it?
Do not let go of it! Hold onto that promise with every ounce of strength you have.
Do not let go of that promise for any hater, naysayer, or doubter.
Yes, they may laugh and make fun of you, but let them! Don’t let their doubts and disbelief affect your praise, worship, faith, or your spoken utterances of God’s promises.
Let them laugh, point their fingers, and shake their heads in disbelief
God will have the last laugh. When they see what God brings to pass, they will be calling you, searching for you, looking for you, and asking everyone where you are and how to get ahold of you.
Never think that your dreams are dead!
If you have let go of those dreams because so much time has passed and you though God had forgotten about you and His promises, then here is the plan.
First, seek God’s forgiveness for giving up on Him, and His promises then revive those dreams with your words! YOUR WORDS HAVE POWER! You are a child of the most high God. His words have power, and so do yours! God speaks life into everything, and so can you!
SO, speak life into those dreams to reignite them!
Do not let your dreams wither and die. Speak life into them!

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