Time is of the essence!


Stop delaying what God told you to do. He gave you specific instructions, but you have been waiting for the right time, the finances to appear, someone to help you, etc.
Stop making excuses and get started. Every excuse is a lie we tell ourselves to appease our guilty conscience.
We tell ourselves that we aren’t smart enough, that we don’t have enough time, that we are too busy, that we aren’t intelligent enough to come up with new ideas, that we are too old to, etc.
On and on it goes with the lies we tell ourselves. We make an excuse after excuse to talk ourselves out of moving forward with God’s plan for our lives.
Time is another thing you are contending against. Time is not on our side. This year is almost half over. By the time you know it, we will be celebrating a new year.
Make a decision that today is the day that you step out in faith and start doing what you were instructed to do.
Don’t worry about where the money will come from, who will help you, etc.
Worrying will keep you anchored where you are right now. Worry and fear will not allow you to move forward. You have to replace worry and fear with faith in God.
As you step out in faith and move into your destiny, God will provide. He will move things into place.
Time will pass by regardless. If you stop making excuses today, by the end of the year, at least you will be working towards the accomplishment of God’s instructions.
Do not let fear dictate how and if you will accomplish your destiny. God does not operate in fear.
Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb11:6). If God wants it done, He has to provide what is needed to complete His tasks.
You haven’t seen the provisions of God because you won’t move out in faith.
It takes faith to grab God’s attention!
Decide today is the day the platform for excuses you use will end. Make the life-altering decision that today is the day that you stopped lying to yourself and turn your life to move into God’s direction.

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