Do not become overwhelmed by the things of this world.


Life can be overwhelming. It can cause you to become angry, frustrated, bitter, and unforgiving.
You can get wrapped up in how life can be unfair. You can begin to let hate and bitterness grip your heart.
When this happens, you have let your problems, life, and issues become more significant than God.
Keeping the focus on our problems makes them appear larger and more significant than they truly are.
But here is some good news to share with you.
There is someone more significant than the overwhelming things of this world. That person is God!
Instead of becoming overwhelmed by this world, become overwhelmed by God and who He is.
God is ALWAYS more significant than any problem, issue, event, a sickness that we will ever face.
When that overwhelming feeling starts to take you over, begin to worship.
Worshipping God reminds you, God, and the enemy that God is and will always be more significant than any situation you are facing.
Worship brings our focus back onto God, where it belongs.
Our worship diminishes our issues and exalts God, which brings Him into the forefront.
The mere utterance of our worship speaks to God, ourselves, and the enemy.

This worship speaks to how big our God is, and what He is capable of doing in our lives.


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