God, help me find happiness in my life!


Are you happy? Are you delightfully happy? Do you ask yourself all the time, “What is wrong with me? Why aren’t I happy? When will I finally be happy? What has to happen for me to be truly happy?
Here is a small nugget. Happiness can start today with gratitude. Yes, gratitude. Something so simple but so beneficial.
Gratitude can change your attitude, change your outlook, change the way you see things. It can also change the way you treat other people.
Gratefulness causes a different mindset. It changes the atmosphere.
Gratefulness improves our mental, emotional, and physical well being.
Studies have found that gratefulness improves our happiness, our emotions, our health, our self-esteem, and our sleep. It also increases our empathy and produces fewer aches and pains.
Gratefulness reminds us of how far God has brought us.
Gratefulness brings HOPE to where God will take us next!
The voice of gratefulness used regularly will always help you to speak positive responses and see things in a positive light.
Gratefulness will always invite the blessings of God to overtake your life.
You might be saying that there isn’t much in your life to be grateful for.
There has to be at least one thing, no matter how small and insignificant others might think that one thing is.
Focus on that one thing. Be grateful for that one thing and watch as God starts to open your eyes to see other things to be thankful for.
Once you see the possibilities of additional items to be grateful for, God will start to bring opportunities for more blessings and more gratefulness.
Is being grateful all the time an easy thing to do? The answer is, “no!” If it were an easy thing to do, everyone would do it.
It takes practice, dedication, patience, and diligence.
Complaining all the time is a lot easier than being thankful.
When you compare the outcomes of complaining against the results of being thankful, thankfulness wins hands down.


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