Our society is broken!



Our society has deteriorated over the last 60-70 years.
Mental instability is on the rise. The amount of people on prescription drugs for anxiety and similar disorders is on the rise.
Homelessness, poverty, violence, drug use, over prescribed medications, hate, and despair are all on the rise.
What has contributed to the rise in all these areas? It is easy to place your finger on the answer. The increase in all of these areas can be attributed to one factor!
It is the loss of God in our lives!
We have chosen to look the other way as the amount of children born out of wedlock has risen. The amount of children raised without a father in the home has skyrocketed. And the amount of people that believe in God and attend houses of worship has steadily decreased.
Statics have shown us that children raised without a father are more likely to turn to crime and drug use.
We have chosen to look the other way as gateway drugs like marijuana become legal. We look on without action as suicide rates have risen. We see people losing their lives to lethal illegal drugs, but we still chose to do nothing. We stand idly by as our jobs have been shipped overseas. We have watched American cities fall into pits of despair, poverty, and hopelessness.
We sit silently by as God is taken out of our schools, as He is removed out of many courthouses, city halls, etc.
Some of us sat, doing nothing as the greetings of Christmas were almost silenced by those who called it offensive.
We have told God to leave our schools. Now, our children are the victims of gun violence, suicide, perversion, and death.
We have told God to leave our city halls, our courthouses by taking His commandments down. Now, our courts are dens of lies, dishonesty, corruption, hate, discrimination, etc.
We have allowed the murder of innocent babies via abortion. We choose to sit by and say nothing as our taxpayer monies are used to fund these murders.
God does not mince words. Murder is murder. The abortion of a baby is murder.
What ungodly repercussions have we allowed to invade our lives, our towns, our cities, and our nation with the atrocities of the murder of innocent babies?
In some places of worship, there is no worship of God. There is only the talk and teachings of how terrible America is, how She is a nation of lies and murder.
Now, these places of “worship” produce mass murderers via suicide bombings.
There have been discussions of removing “In God, we trust” on our currency. If that ever happens, we will suffer profound consequences.
I am no way saying that people should love money! I am no way saying that God loves money because He does not.
I am saying that our money IS GOD’s money.
He requires us to tithe with our money. In turn, He takes that tithe and blesses us and others via our obedience.
We have to invite God back into our places of worship.
By reopening our hearts to God, we will allow Him back into the lives of our families, schools, towns, cities, and back into our nations.
We have to seek the face of God daily! We must seek His forgiveness for the acts of our families, our cities, our towns, and our beautiful nation!
He tells us to seek His face, pray, ask for His forgiveness so He can heal our nation(2Chron7:14).
I am not sure about you, but I am tired of the innocent being murdered. I want and choose God, above all else in my life! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua24:15)!
Will you choose God again? Will you decided to put Him first again? Will you turn back to Him again? Let us do it together.
You keep asking God “what can I do” as you watch these horrific incidents keep happening in our nation.
Here is a clear plan that WILL bring a turnaround for America. Seek God’s face, repent, repent for our nation, and pray. Pray relentlessly, diligently, and without ceasing!!!
The future of our families lives, our lives, the lives of our fellow citizens, our society, and the world depend on it!

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