God’s word stands forever. Amen!


God hasn’t forgotten what He promised you! God cannot lie, and He is always faithful!
He will bring it to pass. Somehow, someway, God will do it! He always keeps his promises.
Though it seems impossible, it seems so far away, and it appears as though it will never happen, God will do it!
So what every confirmed promise you have, hold onto it. Never give up on it. Never let it go. Never let anyone talk you out of what God promised.
God will bring to pass what He promised. He has to! If He doesn’t, that means that God is breaking His word.
God’s word CANNOT be changed or altered in any way. His word cannot be broken or unfulfilled. His word is His word period. It is never changing, never-ending, and all abiding, in the name of Jesus!
God himself cannot change His word. Heaven and earth shall pass, BUT HIS WORD will stand forever. Amen!
Speak with bold authority that God must bring that promise to pass. Utter it aloud with confidence. Let God, yourself, and the enemy hear it often. But be prepared because when you speak with boldness and authority of God’s promises and words, all hell will break loose.
The enemy will fight to stop you. Our enemy will do everything to stop you from stepping into your divine destiny.
As much as God wants you to achieve your destiny, our enemy wants, even more, to stop you from fulfilling that destiny.
The enemy wants to make God be a liar. He wants to keep you poisoned with fear and doubt, and He wants to make you double think who you are and whose you are.
He wants you not to believe who God says you are and what God told you could have.
Do not believe his lies for he is the father of all lies.
Combat his lies with the TRUTH of God! That is why uttering God’s promises aloud and often, are imperative! Without theses, utterance’s of God’s promises, you are susceptible to the lies, doubts, and fears of the enemy!

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