Believe the words He speaks about you!



Has God told you who He created you to be and what He created you to do for His glory?
If He has, you must take His promises and always utter them aloud to yourself. You have to do this frequently.
Post them on your fridge, post them on your bathroom mirror, post them on a promise board, post them where you will see them, read them, and be reminded of those words often.
You must consistently remind yourself of God’s truth.┬áIf you don’t tell yourself the truth, no one else is going to tell it to you.
Listen to the truth God has spoken about you. Do not doubt it, question it, and never let anyone change your mind about who God says you are.
God’s words about who you are will always uplift you. His words will never confuse you, misdirect you, undermine you, or speak ill of you.
God’s words will always uplift you, direct you, inspire you, assure you, and show His love for you.

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