God, help our children!


I had been working on a follow-up piece to my blog from 10.20.19 about climate fears (https://holygroundlive.wordpress.com/2019/10/20/cast-every-burden-of-fear-worry-and-uncertainty-onto-him/), but God changed my direction.
Our children are in trouble. They are the object of destruction by our enemy Satan.
From babies who are aborted and murdered before they draw one breath, to those who are taken by overdoses, they all speak of one thing, which is the destruction of our youth.
I have heard some people saying, “Abortion is something that is okay with God.” This lie is one being told to our young teens by the pro-choice groups, planned parenthood, many politicians, and those in Hollywood.
Abortion is murder in God’s eyes, plain and simple. There is no grey area or confusion here.
Every child conceived is planned by God that has a divine purpose. No one is conceived as a mistake.
Gun violence in some of our big cities is out of control. Some battles take place every weekend and holidays, killing many young people. How many casualties of these bitter rivalries are innocent children that have absolutely nothing to do with these gang rivalries?

How many teens are on mind-altering prescription drugs? How many are depressed and on the verge of suicide?
School shootings have also taken a toll on our children.
Teen suicide has risen over the last ten years. Why are our children killing themselves? Why do they feel hopeless and defeated? They think they have no future. They feel unloved and uncared about. How did all this happen?
We have all these technologies that are supposed to keep us “connected” with each other, but the truth is that these technologies have driven us farther apart.
Our teens feel isolated and alone. They don’t talk. A lot of teens are introverts. They feel awkward around groups of people. Many are bullied by others who use the very technologies that are “supposed” to bring us closer to each other.
All in all, we have caused so many of these problems. We have given up on God, stopped praying, stopped reading, stopped engaging, and in some instances, we have stopped hoping.
Over the last few years, we have allowed the destruction of the family unit. We have also allowed once illegal drugs to become legalized, prayer to be stopped in our schools, and video games to become the babysitters to our children.
All of these issues are not entirely our faults as our government has made it harder and harder to raise a family. As adults, we have become overwhelmed with work and providing for our families.
I truly believe that God intended one parent to be a full-time mother or father, but our society has not allowed that. Full-time parenthood also applies to grandparents who step in to help single mothers or fathers.
Houses, apartments, food, and all the necessities have all skyrocketed in how much they cost.
Nowadays, many parents have to work two or three jobs to support their families.
At the moment, there may be nothing we can do about the costs of living, but we can take time to contact those we elected to represent us in our government.
Call, email, or write a letter. Make it easier for yourself. Write one letter, copy it, and change the salutation so you can mail that letter to multiple congress people, majors, governors, etc.
We have to become engaged again to demand changes in the cost of our necessities, our housing, our fuel, etc.
One thing we have to do above all else is praying. We cannot stop praying! Never let your prayers cease. If you say you don’t have time to pray, then pray in the shower, while you are walking the dog, exercising, or on the commute to and from work.
There are daily prayers to pray over our families, especially over our children. Grandparents, this also includes your prayers.
Are there specific concerns like drugs or suicide when it comes to a particular child? Then pray specifically for that. God knows our hearts and what is troubling it, but we have to speak up and permit Him to intervene.
Speak to God like you would a friend. Don’t complicate prayer. Most of all, pray often. We can’t just pray once and then blame God when nothing happens.
We have to bombard heaven with all our petitions of prayer. We have to let God know we are determined to see change happen. Be ready for things to appear worse before the breakthrough comes. When this happens, pray ever harder because your answer is on the way. The worsening situation is happening to discourage you from stopping praying, but DON’T.
Seek assistance in prayer to break addictions, generational curses of drug addiction or suicide. Do not be afraid to ask for someone to pray with you. Our joined agreement in prayer increases the power of our prayers.
Remember, God is faithful. He will move on to your prayers. Be patient.
Here are some sites that will help you reference how to pray for your children and grandchildren. These sites also reference God’s word to use for each situation. God’s word CANNOT and WILL NOT fail. God must honor His Word.
God bless each of you.
Always pray (daily) for the placement of the full Armor of God over each family member, especially your children:


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