Do not let climate fears alter God’s will.


So I heard on the news that the number of births is down for the 3rd year in a row. Young people’s reasons for not having a family are listed as student debt loans, uncertainty about the future, and fear of climate change/world ending from climate change.
Do not fear the future. Live your fullest life today, for no man is promised a tomorrow. Do not live in fear of what tomorrow may bring.
Your future is one of the blessings, not fear and doom! Stop calling destruction into your future. Quit speaking of things that have not happened and may never happen.
Our tomorrows hold the words we speak over them today. We have to learn that our words have power! We are made in the image of God. God used words to create, and He also uses words to destroy. Our words have that type of power too.
Stop speaking death, fear, negativity, and doom into the tomorrows of your life and the lives of your family.
We have to remember that God alone decides when and how this world will end.
We also must remember that God’s will is for each of us is to prosper and to multiply.
NO man can and will ever end this world because no man is that powerful. NO man is more powerful than God!
Does this mean we shouldn’t be diligent in the care of our precious earth? No, of course not. This earth is a beautiful gift from God. We have to care, nurture, and protect this gift within our means. This does not mean to go into debt, trying to enforce new things/ideas that we THINK will make a difference.
God does not advocate being in debt.
This does NOT mean that we should instill fear, intimidation, to gain power, money, and to have dominion of people.
Any person in power must not adversely affect the thinking of other people with their agenda, policies, greed, and hunger for more power.
I truly believe that man’s pollution does harm this earth. We have to lower our pollution levels. This is NOT the responsibility of one nation alone to take on.
Every nation and country MUST take on this challenge of lowering its pollution output. We, as humans, must also be more responsible for the amount of pollution we emit and our carbon footprint. This means everyone must conduct change, not just a select few. We ALL have to make changes to make some impact on pollution and carbon emissions.
Do not push laws, radical ideas, fear, radical change, and drastic adverse effects on our economies unless you are willing to follow these laws and change yourself.
Remember, we all will answer to God for every word we spoke in our lifetimes. This means being held accountable for outright lies spoken to gain power, favor, influence, and money.
All those blessed to be in positions of influence and power must remember that they too, have to answer for the words they spoke over/to those people they have an impact over.
Are the words you are speaking the truth? Or, are they words to create fear and to create a narrative that is favorable to your status, power, and pocketbook?
There will be a day of reckoning when all will be held accountable for their actions and spoken words.
Lately, it seems like those who break laws, lie, cheat, steal, and mislead aren’t held responsible, but there will be a day of accountability for each one of us.
You have to decide if you want to be held accountable to man and seek forgiveness from God for misleading others, or do you want to be held in full account to God.

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