What wages have you earned?


Did you know that you have unclaimed wages? Those unclaimed wages will catch up to you eventually. What price will you pay to claim those wages?
Each one of us has 2 choices when it comes to claiming these wages.
Our wages are either life or death.
That is what God’s word tells us. He says the wages of our sins is death.
Was he saying that because we sin, we must die? No, of course not. There are certain things that we all must do. We all must be born, and we all will die. Thou no man knows how or when that death will come.
It is the choice we make during our lives to choose either God or the enemy is where we make our decision to have our wages pay for life or death.
Even though He knew our destiny without Him was death and destruction. He could not stand by and allow us to live apart from Him. He loves us too much to stand by and watch us perish. Even though we didn’t deserve it, He sent us a rescue vessel from our sin.
Because God loves you so much, He chose to give His son, Jesus, to come and take your place on the cross.
Our Savior, Jesus, took every sin you will ever commit to the cross. He defeated death itself as a man so that each one of us could live eternally with God.
Jesus saved the world from its path of absolute destruction. He stepped in and disrupted our way to hell.
Jesus rebuilt the bridge to God. He alone defeated Satan. His sacrifice is one that can never be repaid and one we can’t ever repay. It is utterly priceless!
It is a priceless gift that you didn’t earn and can’t pay for.
No other person, false deity, or saint could make the same sacrifice with the same outcome.
None of them will ever pay the price for sin in full. No other god willingly gave their only son to die on a cross for our sins.
No saint or false deity can every give you the priceless gift that our Savior gave you.
Do not be fooled by all the imitators. No one can be or will ever be like the one true God and our Savior, Jesus.
As we approach Christmas, begin to assess your life and the wages you have earned.
Are they wages or life or death?
As I mentioned before, no person is promised a tomorrow, and each one of us will die at some point.
Before you run out of time, take this time of the year to reassess where you will spend your eternal life.
Me, I choose life. I prefer to live for God today and forever.

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