Samson can now add an award-winning children’s book as an accolade.

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Yes, it is true. My little Samson is officially an award-winning book placing 3rd in the children’s category. I give all the glory to God!!!!
God sure is good all the time! His promises are yes and amen! I thank Him for keeping His promises.
No matter how long it has been, don’t let go of that promise that God gave you. Today is the day to pick it back up, grab it with both hands, and move out in faith.
God’s promises NEVER expire. It is just as good today, and it was the day it was spoken over to or to you.
There is not a better time than now to revisit that dream you have. The vision God placed deep into your heart before the foundations of time. Before you were a thought, an idea, or a plan for your mom and dad, God had already made plans for you.
He had already set special abilities and talents aside for you. Most of all, He loved you and continues to love you.
We have just begun a new year with new beginnings and unlimited possibilities. Today, take ahold of God’s hand and step boldly into those promises. Today, step boldly into your God-given destiny!


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