The words you speak today will become your reality tomorrow.


Words are spoken by us every single day of our lives, but do we stop and think of what we are saying with those words?
Many of us speak words without thinking twice about the weight of those words.
We speak frivolous, mean, hateful, words, or say negative things about ourselves and our family without thinking twice.
When a friend comes up to us to tell us that they are feeling well, we then proceed to speak death and destruction over them.
Instead of speaking life and telling them we will pray for them, we say things like, “wow, I bet you have diabetes.”
With those small five words, you have just spoken disease and destruction over that person.
Now, will they automatically get diabetes? Of course, they won’t, but with your spoken words, you have managed to open a door of possibility for them to become diabetic.
See your spoken words over them of disease, opens a door in their mind. It causes their mind to consider this possibility. They may mull it over in their mind over and over again. Then, they might even agree with you in their thoughts. Eventually, that leads to them saying our loud with their own words this sentence, “I think I am diabetic.”
Boom! There it is! Power is given to disease for it to come to fruition in this person’s body.
Our words have power. We have to place a filter on our thoughts and words.
We have to think of the ramifications of each spoken words that come from our lips.
Another example of how powerful our words can be is when a frustrated mom tells her son, who has gotten involved with drugs, that he will become just like his dad.
She expands her verbal abuse by saying that her son’s dad died of a drug overdose and that her son will follow suit.
Boom! This mother just pronounced death over her son! With mere words, this mother planted the idea and thoughts in her son’s mind that he would die of an overdose just like his “no-good” father.
Well, the son thinks this has to be true because his mother said so. So that son decides that there is no reason to pursue rehab or to seek help with his addiction. According to his mother, his future is set with death.
These words stick in the mind of the son, and he thinks of it constantly. Then one day, he tells his friend that he will die soon of an overdose just like his dad.
There it is, words were spoken that will bring forth the death of this young man.
When he passes away, will the mom ever know it was her words that started this downward spiral of her son?
She may never realize that her words have power and that the words she chose to speak over her son are words that he could never recover from.
Situations like these go on steadily in each one of our lives. We are confronted with situations, and we have to choose what to say. We can no longer frivolously use words.
Words have power, and they can bring forth life or death. So think which words you should use before they come out of your mouth.
Most of us have heard the phrase “think before you speak.” This phrase is a perfect example of what we are discussing right now.
Think of the words you will speak. Do those words bring life or death, do they promote positive or negative emotions? Do they promote health, joy, happiness, and a positive mind frame? Or do those words cause hurt, pain, tears, confusion, fear, and a harmful or hurtful mind frame?
Sit back and examine the words you have spoken over the past week. What did those words promote? Examine your life and the life of your loved ones.
Is there disease, poverty, anger, frustration, divorce, drugs, addictions, and depression present? If there is, then it seems the words spoken by yourself and your family members are not promoting life.
To restore God’s will for our lives, we have to become like Him. Now that is not to say that we will be perfect like Him because we will never achieve this. God and our Savior, Jesus, are the only ones who will be perfect, but our goal is to try to become more and more like them every day.
Our words have to reflect God’s will and the things that He desires for us. He wants happiness, joy, abundance, provision, and a healthy and blessed life for each of us.
God is a God of order. Blessings cannot flood your life if you continuously speak hurtful and destructive words.
Now, most of us were not taught that we have to choose our words carefully. A lot of us were taught to speak our minds and not to keep things bundled up inside of us.
Yes, we must speak up for ourselves but do so with carefully chosen words. Think of what you are saying before the words escape your mouth. Once spoken, words cannot be taken back.
Will it be easy to change our thoughts and words? Can we do this by ourselves? The answer is no. We cannot do this by ourselves, and we have to seek God’s help via the holy spirit. We must pray, repent, and always ask for God’s help.
Will it change immediately? I am not sure. It might or it might not. The thing to remember is not to give up. Don’t get frustrated. If you make a mistake, seek forgiveness, and keep praying for God to help you.
One day, you will find yourself thinking about the consequences of each word before you speak it. It will become a simple task.
Most of all, your life will be transformed. That within itself is priceless and worth all the effort.

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