Speak generational blessings over your children!


What words did you speak over your children today? Did you tell them that they are wonderful, create, blessed, cherished, loved, kind, peaceful, grateful, graceful, and loved by a God who adores them?
Or did you tell them they are spoiled, horrible, rotten, trouble makers, instigators, bullies, ungrateful, and that no one cares what happens to them?
See, your words will frame your children’s tomorrows too. They will see themselves through the very words you speak over/to them.
They will hear many words throughout their lifetime. Always speak the words of who they are, who you want them to be, who God says they are, and of what they will accomplish over them from a very early age.
They can hear your voice as they grow, develop, and are protected in their mother’s womb. Let them hear these affirmations then. When they hear these positive words over and over in their lifetime, it is these words they will hang onto.
Having heard these positive Godly words spoken over them constantly and consistently from before birth will cement who they know they are when they are grown up.
If these Godly words are heard daily for 18 years straight, your children are likely to continue speaking these same Godly words over themselves and eventually over their own children.
Talk about pulling generational blessings into your family!
There are enough fears and doubts brought into our lives by the world, we as parents need to make sure our children know who they are before they face this world alone.


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