I AM who God says I am!


What do your friends say about you? Who do they say you are?
What do your co-workers say about you?
What do your parents say about you? Who do they say you are?
What does the world say about you?
The things these people say about you may surprise you. These very people may say one thing to your face, then turn around and say something very different when you aren’t around.
The reality is, most of these people don’t have good things to say about us when we aren’t present.
The people who should say great things about us like our parents, often don’t.
Our parents could be the biggest culprits in calling us horrible things. Our entire family can fall into this same pattern of speaking, unflattering things about us.
That old saying “who needs enemies when you have family” is often very true. Our families may be the worst in the things they say about us.
Now, we could get bent out of shape, argue, call them names back, pick fights, seek revenge, or even plot harm against the people who say wicked things about us.
But the best remedy is to let it roll off your back. Don’t fall into the trap of anger and frustration or even revenge.
Now there is one who calls you by different names. That person is God.

The words God speaks about you should be listened to, taken to heart, cherished, regarded as the truth, and placed above all other names spoken over you.
Our God calls us by our real names. Not the names that we call ourselves, or the names our friends call us, not by the names our parents may call us, and not by the name that the world calls us.
Often we even call ourselves mean and hateful words. What words to you call yourself? We may say we are silly, stupid, idiotic, dumb, poor, uneducated, unlovable, trash, thief, liar, untrustworthy, good for nothing, a loser, or even a failure.
But God calls us blessed, cherished, adored, abundant, wise, protected, free, favored, knowledgeable, healed, and forever loved.
When the words you call your self-change to reflect what God calls you, the outlook of your self will change. You will have a Godly vision when you look at yourself.
None of the ugly things people used to call you will matter anymore. You will know and speak the truth.
Today, call yourself by the names God calls you. Pray that God will let you see yourself the way He sees you. Once you get even a tiny glimpse of this, you never be the same again.

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