Do NOT panic!


The instructions from the world today is panic. A lot of people are in panic mode. With the constant bad news on the news and radio, a lot of people have slipped into panic mode.
Here is some good news for today. Do not panic! Do not be fearful! Do not listen to those berating you with negative news.
Here is the absolute truth. God is in control! The God who created all the universe holds today AND tomorrow in His hands.
The world will tell you to panic! God says, be still and know that I am God(Psa46:10).
The world will say don’t spend that money investing in a house right now.
God says I came to give you a more abundant life(John10:10). 

The world will tell you to sell everything and hoard all your money.
God says that He shall provide all our needs (Phil4:19).
If you listen to the news, you will be bound by fear and held up like a hostage in your home, terrified to come out.
The world pushes panic and fear on us.
God will always bring calm, clarity, and peace to every situation.
If you need to make a big decision involving finances, look to God for His wisdom. Do not consult the world.
God has an abundance of wisdom and is willing to share it with you. All you have to do is ask.

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