Don’t forget what God brought us through!



Soon we will be getting back to life as we know it.
Many of us have been working from home or not working at all for several weeks now.
Now, it is time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work.
Our economy has suffered a severe blow, but we can get it back on track.
There is one thing for sure; we cannot stay tucked away for 6 – 12 more months.
If we do that, our economy will collapse. If the American economy falls, the rest of the world’s economy will follow suit.
One thing we need to remember is to keep our guard up.
We can’t throw caution to the wind.
We must still remember to start slow. Small numbers of patrons in a restaurant to have a sit-down meal at one specific time. Smaller amounts of people to watch a baseball game instead of the full-blown stadium filled to the brim with fans.
We have to take it slow but get things moving. If we have to wear masks and gloves for a little while longer, so be it.
One thing that we cannot do is have a significant setback in new virus cases because we refused to listen.
I know it has been challenging to deal with all these new rules, but some of them made sense and were for our good.
Now, we have to let those who are still at risk stay home while the rest of us get to work.
America has been through difficult times before. This type of suffering is nothing new to us.

One thing that we have to demand going forward is that everyone get tested. We have to know how many America’s really have had this virus, how many are immune, and how many were hospitalized, etc.  We cannot go forward without knowing this.
One thing we cannot do is forget how we got here, to begin with.  We have to remWe can’t ignore all the voices which cried out to God for help, mercy, and grace.
We cannot forget all those individuals who pursued God because they were looking for answers to their fears.
We cannot turn our back against God once things get back up to speed.
We, as humans, tend to move on and forget what sustained us during our difficult times.
We cannot allow God to fall to the wayside. I know many of you reached out to Him with feelings of fear and being lost.
You reached out, and God was there. Do not turn your back on Him now.
We have paid a heavy price with this virus, and it could have been a lot worse.
We paid with the loss of precious lives, a significant economic downturn, new cases of addiction, new cases of depression, etc.
Whatever you do, do not forget God. We cannot allow His hand of protection to be taken off of us because we have turned our backs on Him once again.

Keep your pursuit of Him strong!  Keep your focus on Him. Remember when you cried out to Him and He answered. Remember how you found peace in all the things of Him.

Whatever you do, don’t forget Him!
I truly believe He shielded from the worse. He has been merciful to us, and I, for one, am grateful.

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