Who is your God?



Who is our God? He is our God that provides, saves, heals, protects, and rescues.

God isn’t a statue, a myth, or a folktale.

He is alive, and He is real. He is the one true living God.

He is a God who hears and listens to our petitions of prayer.

You don’t have to pray to Him and hope something happens.

He is a God of action! He is a big God that does BIG things.

He is a God with big plans and promotions for you.

He is our God that only wants the very best for you.

He is a God who amazes and dazes us with how imaginative, creative, and intelligent He is.

He is our God with a sense of humor. I believe He loves to see us laugh, smile, and giggle.

He is a God that moves and shakes things up.

He is a God that does BIG, bold, and audacious things!

Most of all, He is a God who loves us beyond anything we can comprehend.

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