We cannot continue to allow fear to drive our response to this pandemic.



America, it is time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work.
A lot of us have been at home for weeks now.
For those of you who have worked from home to keep our economy churning, we salute you.
Those of you who worked every day through this lock down as your workplace was deemed “essential,” we say thank you.
Those of you who delivered our food, prepared our food, stocked our shelves, kept the streets safe, we say thanks, and God bless each of you.
Now, some had no means to work at home. For those of you, you are in our prayers! Daily, I am asking God to find ways to bless each of you.
Many of you are afraid to get back to work, but we cannot stay hidden away in our homes for the next several months.
Our economy will not survive that. As it is, our economy has taken an enormous hit. These days, our economy affects those of other countries. As we are not global citizens, we are a part of an economy that affects all other nations.
Though we may not affect the ability of someone halfway across the world to gain employment, we may affect their ability to gain access to food assistance and housing assistance via the donations we make.
We can make donations to charities and ministries via the money we make via our jobs etc.
And we may never know it, but perhaps our booming economy can help a person across the globe start a new business or hire more employees. We don’t fully understand the effects of our thriving economy.
One thing is for sure; our government cannot continue to keep print money to support every citizen and small business.
It is time to face our fears and step out boldly into our tomorrows.
Now some individuals desired to stay at home as full-time parents.
Now with the unemployment benefits in their pockets, they can do that.
That is fine too. Once several years ago, I was allowed to be a full-time parent.
I am so thankful to God for that! He made that happen. It was the best thing that happened for my family.
I fully understand wanting to be a full-time parent. It is a blessing that I will never forget.
Now for the rest of us, we have to get this nation back on track.
America cannot and will not fail! God will see to that, but we must do our part.
We cannot sit back and expect God to do everything! We have to step out in faith to meet God in every situation we are facing.
We cannot allow fear to dictate our future. If we do, there will be disastrous consequences.
We have to trust God and His words that speak of protection and more abundant life.
We have to keep our prayers up and put the hedge of protection back up around our nation, our families, and our world.
Now I am not saying to go out without taking any precautions. That is silly.
We have to be careful and start slowly. We cannot go out full force. If necessary, we may have to wear masks, gloves, etc. for s short while. We have to start with a small workforce and gradually work, adding more and more workers.
We will have to start with smaller amounts of people at a baseball game, smaller crowds at a store, perhaps alternating who attends church services from one week to another, etc.
It is going to be an adjustment, but we can do it.
I don’t know the specifics of the plan that America will use to get things going. I am just throwing out some suggestions.
We have to remember to keep up social distancing, washing of hands often, and all the recommendations coming from the CDC to help stop the spread.
And we must insist that the search for the vaccine continues.
Most of all, we have to keep our prayers up. We cannot allow them to falter.
Regardless of who mocks us, laughs at us, etc. we have to keep praying. God is the one who can eliminate this virus in an instant. God changed the projected course America was heading in.
For all we know, God has already intervened.
We prayed for fewer deaths from this virus, that happened. We prayed for less spreading of this virus, that happened. We also prayed for a vaccine, and there are many companies close to developing that vaccine.
I see those events as answered prayers.
We have also been praying and continue to pray for a speedy economic recovery. If we continue to pray and seek God, I believe that will happen too. Doesn’t His word tell us that if we seek Him, pray, turn from our wickedness, He will heal our land?
I see God’s hand at work here, and I give Him all the praise for it.
Whether it is done in secret or out in the open, let’s keep seeking God.
No other man has or will provide the answer on how to eradicate this deadly virus.
Only God will do that. Only God will give a human the idea of how to create a cure.
All knowledge comes from Him, so let’s pursue Him more than ever.

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