National Day of Prayer. God hears our prayers and will move on our behalf.



God, today we come before you as a nation. God, our hearts are being overrun with fears and anxieties.
God, we feel like everything we knew and found comfort in is now gone forever.
God, we feel as though our lives are changing daily.
Father, there are so many voices speaking around us as they tell us how fearful we should be and how terrible of a predicament we are in.
God, now, we command all the voices to stop berating us with fear.
God, we command all fear, hopelessness, and anxieties to desist.
God, we command the spirit of fear, anxieties, and worries to flee by the blood of Jesus.
Fear cannot withstand the mere mention of the name of Jesus.
There is power, freedom, and restoration in the name of Jesus.
God, let us run to You for You are our strong tower. We will find safety and security under Your wings.
Father, we ask for forgiveness. We humble our selves before You.
We ask that You forgive us for our sins that we have commented against You.
God, we ask for a full and swift restoration of our jobs, our families, our economy, and our nation.
Father, bind every mouth spreading lies and deceit.
God, expose those spreading hate, fear, lies, and deceit.
God, whatever plot there was to cause death and destruction with this virus, expose it and the people involved.
Your word tells us that You will expose man and all the things they do in secret.
God, Your word tells us to pray for those in authority (1Tim2:1-2). God, we pray for our President, our Vice President, and their administration.
God, we ask that You guide them in making the decisions that need to be made.
Let them seek You for every answer.

God, we pray for every nation that has been affected by this virus. We lift every family that has been devastated by the unexpected deaths of their loved ones.
God, heal their hearts, dissolve their sorrows, and fill them with Your peace that passes understanding.

God, we know this virus is no surprise to You for You know all things. God, we ask for You to give man the answer for a vaccine, antibodies vaccine, etc.
God, we ask that You eradicate this virus. We ask You to breathe Your breath of health and healing over us. Let the mighty wind of God blow from the North, South, East, and West so that it will disintegrate this deadly virus.
God, we have been humbled with this virus. We became overconfident in not needing You. God, we placed so many things and people ahead of You.
We placed You on the back shelf, and now we need You more than ever. Please forgive us.
Your word tells us to humble ourselves, pray, seek Your face, and You will heal our land (2Chron7:14).
Father, we are praying without ceasing. We seek true forgiveness, and we humble ourselves before You.
God, You are the one true God who can shift our restoration into high gear.
God, You are the only God who can destroy this virus.
God, we look to You. We know no one but You can do everything we need to be done. Father, restore this mighty nation and bring Her back to Her glory.
God, this nation belongs to You, was founded on You, and is being drawn back to You.
In the name above all other names, Jesus, we pray and come into agreement with each other, Amen.

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