His love is immersing, surrounding, covering, saturating, and indescribable.


You are loved and adored by the God who created all the universe.
He calls you His friend (James2:23).
You are the apple of His eye(Zech2:8).
You are so loved that He created you in His very likeness and image(Gen1:26).

He loves you so much He proclaimed you have dominion over the earth, the sea, and all creatures who dwell on the earth(Gen1:26).
You are loved unconditionally.
You are loved beyond your human comprehension.
You are so loved that God sacrificed His only son for you (John3:16).
His love for you ensures that He planned a big, bright, and prosperous future for you.
His ultimate love via His son will ensure you have eternal life.
None of us are worthy of God’s ultimate love and sacrifice.
Yet, His son Jesus qualifies us all.
Jesus paid the price so large that none could ever pay it back.
Today is a perfect day to chose a God who loves, adores, and cherishes you.

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