In the name of Jesus, fear, you will no longer control my life!



Where is your joy, peace, and happiness? Have they been stolen? Have they been taken away by the fears of what tomorrow holds?
Do not let your fears consume you. Right now, there is fear trying to overtake you.
It is on the news every second of the day. It is all your family and coworkers are talking about.
Now, there are a lot of people filled with fear. So much fear that they are afraid to leave their houses.
They refuse to go to buy groceries, go to the gas station, go to a restaurant, go on vacation, and go to work.
They might even refuse even to go outside.
We must not allow fear to consume us.
When we live in fear, we are easier to control. When we live in fear, we do irrational things, make irrational decisions, and let our rights get taken away.
I am not sure when exactly fear overtook your mind and spirit, but it did.
You have to resist that fear. You have to make fear flee. If you don’t, you won’t be fully living. Any person who lives in fear is not living their full potential in life.
Please remember that we take risks all day long. We take risks when we operate a vehicle. We take risks when we are at work. We take risks when we attend a movie, go to our child’s sporting event, when we go out for a meal, even when we sleep.
No person is promised that they will wake up for their nighttime sleep.
We are at risk of catching a life-threatening illness. We are at risk when we eat food. Every aspect of our daily lives encompasses risks.
Yet, we don’t’ think about them as we drive, sleep, etc. and don’t let these fears overtake our lives.
Somehow we have come to a rational decision in our minds that those risks are minuscule or that these risks don’t muster up fear in our lives or consume our thoughts anymore.
Somehow, we have put those risks aside and continue to drive, eat, sleep, and enjoy our lives.
What is so different about this virus? Why has it consumed your mind to the point where you won’t leave the house anymore?
Yes, this is a dangerous virus. Yes, this is a highly contagious virus. Yes, this virus can be deadly if we don’t take the right precautions.
Yes, it very accurate that some individuals indeed get very sick once they catch this virus, but I believe it only a small percentage of people who catch this virus that ends up in the hospital.
Our fears must be driven away. Fears won’t leave on their own. Once fear takes you over, it won’t let up and will not just disappear on its’s own.
We have to command fear to leave us, and we have drive it out with God’s words.
One thing that makes fears leave immediately is worship. When you worship God, you pull the presence of God into your life. When God’s presence is there, fear, worry, anxieties must flee.
Fear, worries, anxieties are not of God. So, when God is present, those spirits cannot stay there in the presence of God.
And make no mistake, fear, anxiety, and worry are not just emotions. Yes, when they show up quickly in response to a situation that comes up unexpectedly, yes, those are emotions that show up in response to that situation you are in, but then those emotions dissipate right away.
When you live in constant fear, worry, or constant anxiety, there is a spirit of fear, anxiety, or worry involved.
Such much in fear that you won’t leave the house or go to work or do the things we all enjoy doing.
If you are bombarded by fear at all times, it is time to seek help from your Pastor, Bishop, Preacher, Priest, etc. Ask for prayer. Do not suffer in silence. Do not be ashamed to admit that you are being held captive by fear.
Seek God’s word too. It is filled with promises, provisions, protection, etc. of God.
God’s word will never fail! Did you hear that? God’s word is pure power! It cannot return to Him unfulfilled, and it can never fail. It will never change.
Here is an example. God’s word tells us to fear no evil (Psa23:1-6).
Here is another one. Isaiah 41:10 tells us not to fear for God is with us.
You must make fear flee!
Take God’s word and use it.
It is your weapon against the evil of this world. It is your sword (weapon), which is mentioned in the prayer for the Armor of God (Eph6:10-18).
All day drive out fear with God’s word. Pray prayers of protection over your family members and yourself.
Do not think God’s word and prayer do not work. Do not let anyone talk you out of using His word and stop your prayer.
We are not just pawns to the evil of this world. We have the right to live in happiness and peace, but we have to remember that these rights have to be fought for.
I am not talking about fighting as in violence. I am talking about fighting with prayer, God’s word, our worship, and our spoken words of blessings and life.
Today, make the decision that you will live in peace and happiness.
We all have one life. Chose to live in joy, peace, happiness, and not in fear.

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