God, we sent out the invitation for hate, chaos, and destruction to take over.


Due to a unseen virus, most of the world has been on lock down for several months.
People are frustrated, angry, and confused.
We are bombarded with an onslaught of fear nonstop by a majority of the media.
Some people are desperate to go back to work, open their business, and make much-needed funds to pay their bills and feed their families.
Yet, we are being told to continue to stay home.
For the last week, we have seen the frustrations of being sheltered in place for months on end pour out onto our American streets and cities.
Along with all these frustrations, we have seen hate, bigotry, and destruction accompany it.
We have seen a man brutally killed by a police officer with a history of wrongdoing.
This officer was allowed to continue to work as a police officer by the very people we appointed and placed into office.
They did not protect us from this officer. They did not protect a man from dying in the streets in front of our eyes.
Everyone is pointing the finger of blame at everyone else. No one wants to take responsibility for this man’s death or the riots that followed, but the truth is we are all too blame.
We have allowed this. We have our children, our families, our schools, our laws to close the door on God.
We told Him we no longer needed Him. We told Him to get out with our lives with our laws.
We told Him He was no longer relevant to us and that we could handle our lives all by ourselves.
Boy, what a mistake we made! What a mess we have made!
We cannot live our lives separate from God!
What you are seeing is the frustrations of years and years of injustice spilling into our streets.
Our political leaders have overlooked many people. We allowed them to stay in control while they got more prosperous and more influential, and the American people fell deeper and deeper into poverty.
We allowed them to stay in the office while they dismantle our middle class.
We let them stay in office while one by one, they gave away our jobs.
We allowed them to stay in office while they continued to look them another way as injustices happened to their constituents.
We allowed them to stay in office while they made silly laws to help only themselves.
We allowed them to stay in control year after year.
We allowed them to stay in office year after year while allowing foreign governments to affect our laws and policies, which only benefited them.
We allowed them to make laws to murder innocent babies. We let them take our tax money and fund those murders.
They took our money, which says, “In God, we trust” to fund the murder of the most innocent of us.
Now, we have blood on our hands! We are just as guilty as they are if we said nothing and did nothing!
We have a voice, and we must use that voice. Whether it be with our votes, our calls, our emails, we must use our voice and speak up!
We allowed these individuals to stay in office, and now in some states, people cannot even go back to work.
Now, we are allowing them to trample on our God-given rights as Americans.
They told us we could not go to our houses of worship. We are instructed to stay home and not go to church.
We are told not to worship, not to pray, and not to seek God.
If anything, we need to pray more, We need to worship God more than ever.
Only God can stop all this chaos, confusion, and anger.
We must repent now! We must seek God’s face now.
We must seek Him harder than ever.
We cannot be turned away from Him. We must press in now.
Little do they know that God is omnipresent. He is everywhere at all times.
We cannot be kept from Him. He doesn’t live only in our places of worship, for He lives where we are! All He needs to show up is our worship.
Call out to Him today.
If you seek Him with a truly repentant heart, He will forgive you. Seek Him for all those who are hurting and for those who have murdered the innocent. Seek God for all of them. Stand in the gap for each of them.
Pray for the healing and restoration of our land.
Do this daily and fervently. Pursue God with a renewed passion. If you need a renewed passion, ask God for it.
I know you have been praying already. The evidence of anger, hate, and destruction is evidence of our increased prayer.
Don’t give up now even though it seems worse and hopeless. Do not give up your hope.
Hopelessness comes when our faith is lost.
Ask God for a renewed faith.
I believe we are on the verge of significant restoration and move of God.
We have to push through with our fervent prayer, faith, and our love of God.

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