God, where did America take a wrong turn?


God hears our prayers. God hears our cries. Right now, God knows our hearts are breaking. I believe His heart is breaking too as He watches us tear everything apart.
We are heartbroken for all the people who have died, lost their businesses, and now, are losing their faith. We have watched as our historic buildings and statues have been vandalized.
We are heartbroken at all the hate swirling around America right now.
Night after night, we watch as people devolve into the most terrible versions of themselves.
We watch as innocent Americas are beaten in the streets sometimes within an inch of their lives. What is their “crime”? They were only trying to protect themselves, their property, or their businesses.
We keep hearing that black lives matter. Yes, of course, black lives are important, but what about other lives?
When did our legal process approve for crowds of people to become judge, jury, and executioners?
When was it deemed okay to murder innocent people in the streets because we perceived they have hatred for us?
Don’t all lives matter? Aren’t all lives extraordinary?
Does God sit in heaven and say that this person’s life is more important than this other person’s?
Does He say that He will only hear a black person’s prayers because they are more important than any other white person?
No, He does not. He never will.
We are all God’s children made in His image.
His word tells us to love each other as Jesus loves us.
Will all these killings, destruction, stealing, and looting resolve the hate in our hearts? No, it will not.
Nothing we do will bring back the lives that have been lost.
Killing is wrong! God’s word tells us that.
I keep hearing that that police forling unarmed minorities is the genocide of the black race, but how can that be?
Is this true? According to statistics, there were approximately ten shootings last year that involved unarmed black individuals and the police.
Also, let me make this VERY clear. I am in no way justifying what happened to Mr. Floyd. Those officers deserve the punishment that our legal system deems appropriate. Their judgment will come from 12 of their peers and a judge.
No life should be lost to hate. Every life is remarkable and planned for by God Himself.
Now, do we truly know all the facts behind all the killings of innocent unarmed black individuals? Could it be that we are just going off of what we heard on the news?
Have we been used as pawns to do the bidding of certain people in America that want to see Her destroyed?
Some other things are bothering me too.
If black lives matter above all other lives, and we are watching genocide of the black race, why isn’t there more protesting at all the abortion clinics strategically placed in our black and brown communities?
How many innocent black and brown babies are murdered in America at these abortion clinics? Every murdered baby is a life that will never exist. Some might see this as a way to control the minority population.
To me, this is the genocide of black and brown people.
These clinics were open for business during the recent lock downs and were deemed essential businesses by some politicians.
Why aren’t we outraged by EVERY brown and black lives lost? Why are only some black lives being focused on?
Why isn’t hate in general being focused on? There are many types of hate in this world. There isn’t just hate against black people.
What about the hate that blacks have towards whites?
What about the hate that Hispanic people have towards blacks or whites?
Why aren’t we focusing on hate altogether?
Why aren’t we focusing on the hate taught to our children?
That is where hate starts. Hate is taught because no one is born with hate in their heart.
Why do we feel the need to teach hate?
What motivates that?
These are all fair questions.
We have failed at discussing the hate bubbling up from underneath us.
We have had years to discuss it, and yet we didn’t.
We let it fester. We swept it under the rug, and now we are paying the price.
I see these as all fair questions. When will we ever sit down to discuss them? Can we ever go back to have a civil discussion?
Can we even discuss things anymore without yelling and screaming at each other?
When did we lose our civility and our respect for other people?
If we focus on only one type of hate, can we ever get a handle on hate altogether?
Things will not change unless we change the hearts of humankind. Civil unrest will continue until we figure out that there is only one answer to all the hate in the world.
That answer is God! Only God can truly change a person’s heart and touch someone to restore their lives fully.
God and our Savior, Jesus are the answers.
How do we get God involved? It is simple: we pray, fast, and plant seeds for healing and restoration of America.
We must turn it over to God.
We cannot lose faith in God! No matter what we are facing and no matter how impossible it seems, God will turn it around.
Our God is a miracle-working God. Our God works in the realm of the impossible!
Time to let Him heal our wounds. Pray fervently and without ceasing. Fast a meal or a day’s meals towards this hate and civil unrest. Fast so that all anger, hatred, frustrations, fear, and anxieties will be broken off of America and off the American people.

Let’s pray:
God, forgive us. We have sinned against You, and we have taken justice into our own hands. We have broken man’s laws that You told us to obey.
God, we have murdered because we perceived someone hated us.
God, we have destroyed because we saw others doing it. We allowed anger, frustration, and a mob mentality to cloud our judgment.
God, we laughed at the suffering of others.
God, forgive us. We repent.
God, forgive us for the injustices of humanity.
God, forgive us for letting hate, anger, and frustration control and overtake us.
God, forgive us for blaming others for the shortcomings in our own lives.
God, help us.
God, hear our cries, and don’t turn away from us.
God, we are desperate for You.
God, we restore peace and civility to our nation. God let us respect each other once again.
God, place kindness, forgiveness, and love in our hearts for one another once again.
God, turn our hearts that have become cold and stone into hearts of flesh.
God, unroot all hate, frustrations, bitterness, anger, and blame from our hearts.
Father, let love grow there instead.
Father God, heal every broken heart and dissolve all fears and anxieties.
God, help our nation recover for the destruction we have caused. God, help every person and family recover what was lost. Let their new livelihoods and businesses flourish like never before. God, let this recovery be quick.
God, expose all those individuals behind this unrest. Expose all the lies told to us to make us pawns in their evil plans.
God, let them be held accountable for all the death and destruction they caused with their lies and evil plans.
God, if they did it for money or more power, expose that.
Once You expose these things, God, we will not seek revenge on them. We will let You avenge your people instead.
God, restore America quickly. God, bring back our jobs and livelihoods restore America back to Her glory.
In the name of Jesus, we pray in agreement. Amen.

If you want to accept Jesus as your Savior, here is your prayer:
God, forgive me for my sins. God, cleanse me of all unrighteousness.
God, I believe Jesus is Your Son. I believe He took my place on the cross. I accept Him as my Lord and Savior. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

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