America, this election represents the fight for the soul of our country.

America, I have said this many times, and today, I am repeating this. 

America, we are in a spiritual battle for the soul of America. This choice includes the choice of our leaders in our upcoming election. One candidate is pro-life, and one candidate is pro-choice. 

We have those fighting for life, liberty, and the American way of life.  

We also have those fighting for the freedom to choose death for an unborn innocent baby, socialism, and the radical change of America into a country that will be astounding for those in power and utterly devesting for those who are not. 

America, we have allowed the murder of innocent babies for decades now. Since 1973, approximately 61 million babies have been killed in the United States. 

Planned Parenthood performs 947 abortions every day.

There were 20 million African-American babies killed via Planned Parenthood. 79% of their facilities are located within walking distance of black and brown communities.

America, abortion is the genocide of the African American population in the U.S. Genocide is not coming from the police’s hands. That is an inaccurate statement. 

Despite what you think, abortion is the murder of an innocent baby. Many do not feel this way, but they will see that statement is very accurate. When they face God in judgment, as we all will, they will find out that God saw this as the murder of a precious baby’s life. 

God holds all life as precious and valuable. Life is a precious gift from God Himself (Psalms139:14).

God tells us thou shall not murder. It is one of His ten commandments (Exodus 20:13). Yet, we sit back and allow the murder of so many innocent babies. 

In His word, God Himself says that the innocent bloodshed of life is one of the six things that God dislikes the most (Prov 6:16-19).

God’s words tell us the wages for our sins is death. I can’t even begin to imagine what the wages are for all the innocent blood we have allowed to be shed. God, help us!

But our God is just and fair! He will hold those accountable for this vile practice! This accountability includes those of us who sat by and allowed this atrocity to continue without saying a word. 

Do not kid yourself. There is a price for us to pay for allowing these murders to continue. Every choice for allowing sin has consequences for us.  

For one, I will now be one of those who sit back and say and do nothing while this practice continues to be allowed. Also, I will not be one who sits back and says nothing while our taxpayer dollars go to fund Planned Parenthood’s murder of innocent babies. 

Thank God for His never-ending forgiveness!

You may be asking what you can do to stop this. You might even be thinking that you are just one person, and your voice doesn’t matter. It does matter! It matters to this cause, and most of all, it matters to God Himself!

What can you do about this? First and foremost, you must seek God’s forgiveness. If you are genuinely seeking forgiveness, you will be forgiven by God.

Second, you must write, call, or email your Senator, your State Representative, and the White House too. 

Please tell them to stop abortion in America. Please ask them to stop using our American taxes to fund these vile clinics and the murders of innocent lives. And most of all, you must pray for God to intervene.

You can’t stop after one letter, email, or even one call. This abortion battle is going to be an ongoing battle. 

America, we are in the spiritual battle for the soul of our country. It is time to pick aside. It is time to fight and pray like never before. When I say fight, I do not mean physical fighting or fist fighting. I mean fighting on our knees via our prayers. After all, prayers are what we use as a weapon of warfare. 

Third, we must also pray for America’s forgiveness and every person involved in these murders, whether indirectly or directly. 

Make no mistake about it, each one of us will have to answer to God for choosing leaders who allowed abortions to continue. The choice of a leader who supports abortions is the same as a choice of you saying, “yes, please continue these grisly murders.” Our vote in God’s eyes is our voice in either support or non-support of this practice. 

Also, please note that I am a messenger of God’s word. If you find offense to what is being said here then You have offense of God’s word because that is what is being discussed here. This is the word of God and not of myself.

In fact, I am not asking you to believe me. If you support pro-choice, here is a little task for you. Pray, ask God to reveal the truth to you for your own knowledge. Ask God to open your eyes and ears and let His truth be known. Ask Him if abortion is murder. If you really seek the truth, then He will reveal it to you. God’s word says “ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened (Luke11:9).

But know this, once you read this and know the truth, you are responsible to God for it.

Lets pray together: God, please forgive each of us for allowing these murders of babies in America and for allowing these clinics’ ghoulish acts to sell the baby parts for profit.

God, let us seek your face, turn from our wicked ways, pray, so You can heal our land, Father. 

God, we need you now more than ever. God, let America return to You. Father, thank You for Your eternal forgiveness. 

God forgive America for the choices we have made in the past. God, our intentions to continue to sin against You have allowed doors to open that we are not equipped to handle. 

Father, our choices to allow sin has brought hate, division, bitterness, resentment, murders of innocent Americans in our streets, destruction, and the ruin of many American families, business owners, and our economy. 

God, our own economy is weak and teetering on the destruction. God, help us! 

God, our sins have allowed the release of a vile virus. This virus has taken the lives of many people around the world. God, forgive us!  

God, we look to You to end this virus once and for all. We know You are the only one with the answer to this virus. God, give man the solution to end this virus today, whether in a therapeutic, a vaccine, or a medication. God, we know that You provide all knowledge. We receive by faith the answer to end this virus today. 

God, restore our world’s economies. God, we give you all the praise! 

God, end this hate and division in America. God, we know Your word says that a house divided cannot stand(Mark 3:25).

God, heal our nation of this division, hate, discrimination, and racism. 

Father, we ask the candidates that You want to fill the positions of leadership take office. Father, let Your will be done.

God, we love You, and we seek Your wisdom now with the issue of abortion. God, give us Your boldness and diligence to continue to fight this vile issue. 

God, only You can change the hearts and minds of man. God, open the eyes and let Your truth be revealed to those who support pro-life.

God, let us not go weary in doing good. 

We ask all these things in the precious name of our Savior, Jesus. Amen.

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Join Samson on all his GREAT ADVENTURES. His book is an award-winning children’s book with perfect 5-star ratings.
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God’s protection – surely He will protect us from this deadly pestilence!


The word on most of all the news channels is PANIC!
This world is saying panic, buy months of supplies, prepare for the worse, be afraid, be very afraid, don’t buy that car, or that house right now, hold onto all your money.
These words are fear talking! Fear blurs your vision. Fear makes you do things you would never do.
Fear opens the opportunity for those peddling the fear to control you. Fear lets them dictate your actions.
Fear takes your power and gives it to someone or something else.
Do not let fear and panic dictate your life.
There is only one person that should have control over your life and your decisions. That is God.
Never give up the right to make your own decisions up to anyone. Even when you seek God’s guidance and instructions, we still have the right to do what we want. We are not forced by God to choose His direction after we seek it.
Now, it is time to stop, pray, plan, and prepare.
There is a way to prepare. Don’t prepare in a panic!

Most of all, speak God’s word over this situation! Every situation we will ever face, we can find God’s word/instructions for it in the bible.
You need to conquer fear, speak God’s word over it (Deuteronomy 31:6)!

You need God to spare you and your family for the wrath of Coronavirus? Speak God’s word over it (Psalm 91:1-16).
You need peace, speak God’s word over it(Phil4:7).
You need wisdom, speak God’s word over it(James 1:5).
You need protection, speak God’s word over it (2Thes3:3).
You need joy, speak God’s word over it(Romans 15:13).
You need healing, speak God’s word over it (Psalm 41:3).
Use God’s word! See, God’s word stands forever! It is so powerful that even God cannot change it, alter it, and He must abide by it.
The enemy knows God’s words too! And he knows that God’s word stands above all.
If you know who you are, who’s you are, what you deserve, your rights, and God’s word, there is nothing you cannot accomplish!
We are facing a battle in unknown territory right now but speak God’s word over it.
God has great plans for your life; premature death is not in His plans for your life!
God wants you to live an abundant life. How do I know that? God’s word says so.

Speak life! Open your mouth and proclaim God’s goodness via His word!
You have to continually remind yourself of what God says about you via His word. You, the devil, and God need to hear those words spoken on a repetitive basis.
Don’t think this is a one time and done deal. You must keep uttering these words aloud until you see the manifestation of God’s promises in your life.
In our society of instant fixes, instant answers, and immediate remedies, we have to show patience.
Once you hear these words spoken over, over, over, and over again, you will start to build your faith, your appreciation of God’s word, and the knowledge of your Godly inheritance.
You were created to flourish, prosper, and fulfill your Godly purpose.
Do not let anyone or anything steal that away from you.
Remember, God’s word says that heaven and earth shall pass away, BUT God’s word will stand forever! AMEN!!!

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How do you find happiness?



Right now, there are so many unhappy people in this world. Depression, drug use, addictions, etc. are all on the rise. Why? Because people are not happy.
For months, we have been locked in our homes due to the COVID-19 virus.
Many were not able to work. If these people had been able to work, that would have relieved some of the pressure of the lockdowns.
On top of that, we were told not to travel and not to see our families
Our leaders told us not to go to our places of worship and not to gather together for sporting events.
Now, just as things are easing up on the lockdowns, we have had mass protests, rioting, looting, and all-out chaos in the streets.
Next, we were told to stay inside to be safe and not get caught up in the craziness that could erupt.
Then, if there weren’t enough, people’s businesses were burned down, thus delaying the return to work for a lot of people. In some instances, this is a permanent job loss as those business owners could not afford fire insurance.
Every day is an opportunity to find happiness in your life.
Now there are more unhappy people than ever. For our sanity, we must find some happiness in our lives.
Happiness cannot be found in a thing or a person. It can’t be found in a new car, a new house, a new significant other, or in the hottest new tech gadget.
Happiness is found in the gratefulness of how blessed you are.
Many ask, “What is the key to happiness in life?  Many search for years looking for the answer.  Some pay lots of money to so called gurus, life coaches, or therapists searching for this answer.
Here is the answer plain and simple: It is gratefulness. Happiness begins with thankfulness.

I know it seems simple and you might not even thing that it works but try it.  Take one day and speak only thankfulness for everything in your life.

Speaking thankfulness changes your atmosphere.  It clears all the clouds of doubt and disbelief away.

It allows you to see better.  It opens ups your eyes to see new things. It lets you see just how bless you truly are.
Some people will think they have nothing to be happy for, but that is incorrect.
Find at least one thing you are grateful for in your life. No matter how small or minute it is.
Thank God that you woke up this morning safely in your own nice, warm, beautiful bed, that you had food to eat, that you woke up to live another day of life, that your family is going well.
If you are blessed enough to have a job at this time, be thankful for that. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to provide for your family. Be happy that you are not relying on anyone or anything to help take care of your family.
Remember, gratefulness always invites happiness in.
If you don’t think those things are not worthy of being grateful for, then you are not aware of the extreme poverty that a lot of people outside the U.S. are facing.
If you are an American citizen, you are more prosperous and incredibly blessed. More so than a majority of the world’s population.
With things so tense and ever-changing, we have to focus on things that will sustain us.
There is one thing that never changes. That is God. He is always loving, faithful, and dependable.
Start looking for the things in your life to give thanks for.
Don’t be embarrassed if it is a tiny thing. Starting little will always leave room for big things to take its place.
Giving thanks to God for small blessings opens your eyes to seeing all blessings He has bestowed upon you.

I feel hopeless and alone. Have you heard yourself say that yet?



Hopelessness. Can you feel it? Have you, at times, been feeling it?
I have. It isn’t all day every day that I have felt it, but it is there. I have been fighting hard to combat it.
It is a terrible feeling. Seeing everything as worthless and not worth the effort because there is no point.
I know I am not the only one dealing with this heaviness.
I am weary. I am tired of all this silliness of Covid-19. I am tired of the fighting, the name-calling, the blaming, the suffering, the horrible stories, face coverings, the death, the riots, and all the hate.
I miss our old way of life.
Funny, but it feels like so very long ago that things were different.
I miss kids sporting events, picnics, going to the movies, going to small gatherings, going out to dinner with a large group of friends.
I miss hugs, kisses, and snuggling close to the ones you love.
We all want the old way back, but I don’t think we will ever be there again.
As I mentioned, I have been fighting hard against this feeling of hopelessness. I know God doesn’t want me to feel this way.
So, I pray. I worship, and I thank God for what He has done for my family and where He has brought us from.
I have to say that thankfulness is vital in fighting hopelessness.
It helps to bring the most important things back into focus.
What’s most important to me? Well, of course, God is, my family is, our protection, our safety, our stability, and our beautiful nation.
I hate to see it torn apart by those who don’t appreciate what a blessing it is to live in America.
There are those living in America who see it as a racist nation full of citizens who hate them.
If you hate living in a particular town or city, don’t you make plans to move? I know we did. We didn’t like where we were living anymore and decided to leave. Now, we are more content in the place we live in.
If you hate America, why not leave? Why stay in a place that you hate? I don’t get that. That doesn’t make sense to me.
Life is too short to stay in a place that you hate.
Please don’t tell me that you can’t move because of the shortage of money. There are ways to solve this, but it is going to take hard work. Some have the means to move, but they stay put. They would rather stay where they are and complain all of the time about how miserable they are.
If America is so terrible, then why are so many foreigners fighting to get here? Why do they sometimes risk their lives to do so?
America is a place where all who work hard can accomplish great things.
America offers excellent opportunities to all Her citizens.
Yes, some people may have a harder road to follow to accomplish those great things, but I know it can be done.
Making excuses and lying to yourself about why you can’t get ahead or can’t make a decent living or get an adequate education isn’t going to change things.
Excuses are lies we tell ourselves to appease our guilt, shame, or inadequacies.
It takes hard work and determination, focus, and above all, God to accomplish great things.
If doing this were easy, everyone would do it. But that is our problem, right? We all want it easy. We all want instant access to money, a lovely home, beautiful cars, etc. but we don’t want to put in the hard work it takes to gain those blessings.
I am sorry, but America is not a nation full of systemic racism. If it were, how did Barack Obama get voted into the office of the President, twice?
If America were systemically racist, we wouldn’t have any senators, representatives, mayors, governors, or attorney generals of color.
In a nation of systemic racism, this would not be the case. It would never happen. Those individuals would have never been voted into their positions.
America’s economy is on the verge of collapse. She is teetering on the edge of destruction. Do you know what kind of world this will become if the American economy collapses?

The effect of such a horrific event would be felt throughout the world. This event would cause other economies to collapse too.
Every living human would feel that devastation. America would plummet into sheer chaos.
There are those fighting to destroy Her and those who are struggling to preserve Her.
Why can’t we stop the fighting and start discussing how exactly we got here?
It seems we can’t even talk anymore. Only yelling and shouting happen anymore.
What happened to listen to each other? That skill has gone out of the window.
We can’t keep saying that the other side is wrong and we are right. If we don’t stop thinking that way, we will never fix our problems. We need to stop blaming, name-calling, and hate.
What kind of nation are we leaving generations to come after us?
Despite what you say or how you think, America was founded on the principle that all Her citizens will have the same justice and that each person is equal to every other citizen.
Yes, some wrote our Constitution that were slave owners. Yes, they made mistakes, but so have you. We all have! That is what it is like to be a human. We make mistakes, but those mistakes don’t define our future and our legacy.
Stop focusing on the past. We can’t do anything to change it. It doesn’t matter how many people we blame, how many people we hate, how many names we call, how many statues we rip down, it will not change the past.
We have to find an amicable solution. For the sake of our children, we have to figure this out.
Our nation cannot survive without God. This is a fact because we have tried it without Him and look where we have ended up.
I know there are many of you out there who are searching for answers. You are wondering, is God real. Well, He is real. Call out to Him before it is too late.
He is there now answering us, but there will come a date when He won’t answer anymore. When will that day come? I don’t know. Only God knows when that fateful day will arrive, but don’t risk it. Call out to Him now.
God is our one real answer.
Do you remember how God allowed the destruction of a whole city when He was tired of humankind’s sins? Do you remember when He destroyed the entire world with rain because He had enough with the wickedness of humanity? I pray that we haven’t reached that point yet.
Now, God will not flood the whole earth again because of His promise not to do so.
I feel in my heart that God isn’t done with humanity yet.
I genuinely see one more great move of God before He is ready to take His hands of protection off of us.
I know so many of you are searching for peace, happiness, safety, and answers.
God is the answer to all the questions you have.

Can we pray together?
God, forgive me for feeling so hopeless. God, I know You are not the one causing all this turmoil, chaos, and fighting.
Father, I know You only want the best for my loved ones and me.
God, restore my faith. Help me see the good still in this world. Help me to speak life into every waking moment that I am alive.
Thank You that You have provided us with a weapon to protect ourselves. It is called the bible.
Thank You, God, that Your word is alive and endures forever.
Thank you that You must abide by Your words of protection, peace, prosperity, hope, happiness, and love.
God, help me stay focused on You. God, when my heart feels heavy with sadness and hopelessness, please convict me.
Holy Spirit, remind me that with my mere words, I can break the spirit of hopelessness, helplessness, fear, depression, and hate off both myself and my family. Remind me that my words have power. My words can make impossible mountains move because God said so.
God, Your word tells us that You will protect us from the deadly pestilence.
God, remind me to read and pray Psalm 91 every day. Help me teach it to my family so they can too be safe.
God, remind me to pray and put on God’s full armor daily for both myself and my loved ones.
Father, remind me to pray to help rebuild the hedges of protection around my nation, my community, my city, my family, and myself.
Holy Spirit, please remind us to use thankful words to change the atmosphere of our emotions, our outlook, and our feelings.
God, restore my ability to listen to the ideas and thoughts of others. God, give me patience when I met with someone who’s outlook is different than mine.
God restore humanity’s decencies. Help us, Father, to no hate one another but to love and cherish each other once again.
Father, take our hearts of stone and cause them to become flesh again.
God, teach us to respect one another again.
God, remove the anger and frustration out of our hearts and minds.
Father, most of all, turn our hearts back to You. God, help our children!
God, help us to stop teaching our children how to hate others. Help us teach our children love and patience.
God, we ask all these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

If you would like to receive Jesus as your personal Savior, here is your prayer:
God, forgive me for my sins. God, cleanse me of all unrighteousness.
God, I believe Jesus is Your Son. I believe He took my place on the cross. I accept Him as my Lord and Savior. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.