Our American rights are under attack


Today, we celebrate our Armed Forces. We say, “thank you” to each of them for their bravery, service, and dedication.
Right now, as I am typing these very words, our rights are being threatened. We have been told to stay at home, not go to work, not go outside, to only see our loved ones for medical emergencies, and not to go to our places of worship.
What?? How can this be? We are Americans. We love our freedoms! We are blessed with freedom of speech, worship, to protect ourselves, etc.
These rights are given to every citizen of America.
No law, no decree, no executive order can take these from us.
Yet, we have power-hungry government officials that seem to think they have the power to take our rights away.
We voted these officials into office, and we can vote them out of the office too. We can seek retribution in the courts. In some states, we can even recall officials.
We have to do something. We cannot lay down and let these officials strip away our rights.
If we allow our rights to be taken now, how long will it be until they do it again or find a way to take away our rights permanently.
We are being controlled and silenced.
We are silenced from speaking up about our rights and these atrocious attacks on them.
Our worship is being silenced.
That is one thing we cannot allow to happen because God desires and deserves our worship.
When we worship, mountains move, bodies are healed, minds are restored, marriages are made whole again, addictions are broken, and miracles happen.
When we worship, God moves!
Our worship makes all of heaven move on our behalf.
We cannot allow our worship to be silenced!
Our answer to this pandemic is in our worship. The answer to a vaccine is in our worship, and our economy’s recovery is in our worship. America’s breakthrough is in our worship.  America’s next level is in our worship.
Every answer is in our worship.
Whatever happens, do not allow your voice to be silenced! Do not let your worship to be taken away from you.
Now more than ever, it is crucial that you contact your Senator, Representative, Governor, major, and even the President.
All of us have to take some action now. Call, write, email, sign a petition, start a petition, or peacefully protest.
Let them know that our voices will not be silenced and that we will not sit by as our rights are stripped away.
America, stand up now. If we don’t, God help us!
Don’t give up now. I see God in the midst of all of this. He is at work. He has not and will not ever forget us.
He sees our suffering, and He hears our prayers.
Keep praying, pushing forward, and keep worshiping Him.
Pray without ceasing because that is what His word tells us to do.
Pray fervently. God’s His word says that a fervent prayer availeth much.
As we pursue God fervently, I see a mighty move of God coming because we pushed through and didn’t give up.
God will avenge America. God will restore America and all Her citizens.
I know it easy to become hopeless with so much negativity around us.
That negativity seeks to pull you into its grasps.
Now, let your faith arise. Your faith is what destroys the hopelessness. God will repay your faith because He always honors those with faith.

His love is immersing, surrounding, covering, saturating, and indescribable.


You are loved and adored by the God who created all the universe.
He calls you His friend (James2:23).
You are the apple of His eye(Zech2:8).
You are so loved that He created you in His very likeness and image(Gen1:26).

He loves you so much He proclaimed you have dominion over the earth, the sea, and all creatures who dwell on the earth(Gen1:26).
You are loved unconditionally.
You are loved beyond your human comprehension.
You are so loved that God sacrificed His only son for you (John3:16).
His love for you ensures that He planned a big, bright, and prosperous future for you.
His ultimate love via His son will ensure you have eternal life.
None of us are worthy of God’s ultimate love and sacrifice.
Yet, His son Jesus qualifies us all.
Jesus paid the price so large that none could ever pay it back.
Today is a perfect day to chose a God who loves, adores, and cherishes you.

Samson’s mini break.



I AM who God says I am!


What do your friends say about you? Who do they say you are?
What do your co-workers say about you?
What do your parents say about you? Who do they say you are?
What does the world say about you?
The things these people say about you may surprise you. These very people may say one thing to your face, then turn around and say something very different when you aren’t around.
The reality is, most of these people don’t have good things to say about us when we aren’t present.
The people who should say great things about us like our parents, often don’t.
Our parents could be the biggest culprits in calling us horrible things. Our entire family can fall into this same pattern of speaking, unflattering things about us.
That old saying “who needs enemies when you have family” is often very true. Our families may be the worst in the things they say about us.
Now, we could get bent out of shape, argue, call them names back, pick fights, seek revenge, or even plot harm against the people who say wicked things about us.
But the best remedy is to let it roll off your back. Don’t fall into the trap of anger and frustration or even revenge.
Now there is one who calls you by different names. That person is God.

The words God speaks about you should be listened to, taken to heart, cherished, regarded as the truth, and placed above all other names spoken over you.
Our God calls us by our real names. Not the names that we call ourselves, or the names our friends call us, not by the names our parents may call us, and not by the name that the world calls us.
Often we even call ourselves mean and hateful words. What words to you call yourself? We may say we are silly, stupid, idiotic, dumb, poor, uneducated, unlovable, trash, thief, liar, untrustworthy, good for nothing, a loser, or even a failure.
But God calls us blessed, cherished, adored, abundant, wise, protected, free, favored, knowledgeable, healed, and forever loved.
When the words you call your self-change to reflect what God calls you, the outlook of your self will change. You will have a Godly vision when you look at yourself.
None of the ugly things people used to call you will matter anymore. You will know and speak the truth.
Today, call yourself by the names God calls you. Pray that God will let you see yourself the way He sees you. Once you get even a tiny glimpse of this, you never be the same again.

Do you know Him?


Do you know God? Do you have a personal relationship with Him?
It’s easy to get to know Him. All you have to do is ask. It is not complicated. We, as humans, complicate straightforward things.
God desires for each one of us to know Him
Some might think that it is impossible to get to know God, but it is not an impossibility to have a personal and close relationship with God.
Pursuing God so you can get to know Him on a personal level will not disappoint.
As you pursue Him, know that no human will ever fully know everything about God. He is too complex.
See our God is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-encompassing, all love, all kindness, and all-forgiving.
He has wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge that is beyond any one person’s full comprehension?
Although you won’t know Him fully, as you pursue Him, be ready for incredible, life-altering, life-changing, ground shaking glimpses into an all-powerful God.
I am not sure about you, but I want to be one of those people who see exclusive glimpses of Him.
I want to see and know as much as humanly possible. I know what God has to reveal to me will change me forever, and I am ready.

Recently, he proclaimed, I have decided to follow Jesus!


When someone makes a drastic change and decides to follow God, some of us will question their decision, their honesty, their integrity, and dedication, and their sanity.
Who are we to judge this person’s decision making? How can we say they have gone crazy or that their commitment is sketchy?
When someone decides to walk in God’s ways, you have to applaud them. They have chosen a path least traveled. They have chosen to live in a way that is unpopular with our modern culture.
Today, the world tells us that our lives are all about me, me, and me. What is better for me, what is best for me, and what can I gain even if I step on top of others to get there?
The world lives in a “what’s best for me” culture. Living for God places Him about everything and everyone else.
They know and have decided they can live with the ridicule, laughter, mocking, and cruel comments because they see the bigger picture. They know what the end game holds.
This world tells us that to be of importance in this world that we must have riches, fame, and all kinds of stuff like boats, cars, houses, money, etc.
Placing God above all else in one’s life, says that He is more important than the desires for their lives.
They have decided to put God above money, fame, notoriety, and all the stuff that this modern world tells us we need to feel and be relevant.
They have chosen God even when they know they will be talked about, mocked, make fun of, laughed at, and have cruel comments made about them.
See, one thing we have to understand is that we have no right to judge others. There is only one judge who will stand judgment on every one of us. That judge is God!
He alone is the final judge of every word we have spoken, our character, actions, morality, and decisions. There should be no doubts about this. God will judge us all.
Instead of mocking this person, be happy for them, pray for them, and, most of all, support their decision to turn their life to the path that leads to God.

Yes, he was destined to be the American President.


Last week I wrote about how our American President needs to be defended with our prayers and our voices.
I have to elaborate on this post from last week. Our former President is fulfilling his divine destiny. Yes, he was destined to be the President of the United States right now.
Everything he has been through in his life has prepared him for this destiny. God chose him a long, long time ago to fulfill this destiny. God knew he was the only one who could do this job, handle the daily scrutiny, and still manage to get things accomplished.
God set this man aside to do all of this for Him. To prepare America for the coming battle that will defeat our enemy, to defend Israel, to rebuild critical alliances, to demand and return respect America, to build up our armed services, and to rebuild America and Her economy.
As you read this, you may laugh to yourself and think this is crazy nonsense. That is fine. You are entitled to your opinion, but I know this to be the truth!
You may even despise our President. You may think he is too arrogant, outspoken, proud, and ridiculous. That is fine also. Again, you are entitled to your opinion!
Do I think he is perfect? No, of course, I do not. There are many things I wish he would say or do, but I still know who he is and what he was destined to do.
We have a job to do for God. He tells us that it is our job to pray for our leaders. Are you doing that? I am. Despite the things I don’t like about our President, I still pray for his safety, for him to always seek God for everything he needs, for God to humble him, and for God’s will to be done.
As I have mentioned in the past, we all will answer to God on judgment day. No one will escape God’s judgment. Once we have knowledge of God’s will, His word, or what He wants and expects of us, we are responsible for our actions/inactions. Once we are made aware of what God wants, we have to answer to Him for our inactions or actions.

If you despise the President, pray for forgiveness first as we are not to hate anyone. Second, pray for God to help you to pray for our President. Ask God to place tolerance in your heart and spirit for the President. Ask God to help you with the frustrations you feel towards this man. God will help you. He will ease your dislike of the man so you can pray for his safety and for God to direct him.

Do not become overwhelmed by the things of this world.


Life can be overwhelming. It can cause you to become angry, frustrated, bitter, and unforgiving.
You can get wrapped up in how life can be unfair. You can begin to let hate and bitterness grip your heart.
When this happens, you have let your problems, life, and issues become more significant than God.
Keeping the focus on our problems makes them appear larger and more significant than they truly are.
But here is some good news to share with you.
There is someone more significant than the overwhelming things of this world. That person is God!
Instead of becoming overwhelmed by this world, become overwhelmed by God and who He is.
God is ALWAYS more significant than any problem, issue, event, a sickness that we will ever face.
When that overwhelming feeling starts to take you over, begin to worship.
Worshipping God reminds you, God, and the enemy that God is and will always be more significant than any situation you are facing.
Worship brings our focus back onto God, where it belongs.
Our worship diminishes our issues and exalts God, which brings Him into the forefront.
The mere utterance of our worship speaks to God, ourselves, and the enemy.

This worship speaks to how big our God is, and what He is capable of doing in our lives.


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