Thank you for your service!


Tomorrow we celebrate our Veterans. They deserve to be honored every day.
This nation would be a much different place if our Veterans did not go bravely to fight for this nation.
They have stood up to bigotry, hate, dictators, racism, and acts of genocide.
Each of them went bravely to fight and to continue to fight to keep this nation free.
Admiration of their courage is thoroughly deserved. Our troops decided to place themselves in danger to help each one of us.
They go bravely to come to the aide of total strangers.
Gods’ word says that there is no greater love than to give your life for the ones you love (John15:13).
We say “thank you” for defending our freedoms, our country, our rights, and those who cannot protect themselves.
I say “thank you” for your courage, dedication, and love for this country.
Because of the strength, bravery, and courage of the men & women of our armed forces, I live in a nation where my rights are defended.
God, I am so thankful that I live in a nation where these brave men & women continue to protect my rights to write about You and all of Your glory!

Happy Armed Forces Day!


Thank you for answering the call to serve your nation, and it’s citizens.

Because of your dedication, this nation stands as a beacon of hope to the world.

You put the needs of America before the needs of yourself. You serve with dignity, honesty, bravery, dedication, courage, strength, and honor.

We can never say “thank you” enough to repay all that you have sacrificed. Thank you for your service!

National Day of Prayer

Be the gift this Christmas season.

Remember that our prayers are never simple gestures.  Our words have power!!!
Our prayers are powerful!!! That is why God’s word tells us that the persistent prayers of the righteous availeth much.
Standing in the gap for someone who is going through something painful is an incredible gift.
This season pick 3 – 4 people that you don’t frequently pray for & pray for them for 30 days. Try to be consistent all of the 30 days.
If you are unsure what to pray about for these individuals, pray for some essential items. Always remember our prayer is never basic, weak or generic.
Pray for them to establish a robust personal relationship with God, to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, ask God to let them find their divine purpose and to help them to fulfill it. Ask God to heal their body, to restore broken relationships in their lives, ask God to help them break an addiction like alcohol or cigarettes or even for God to end the cycle of poverty over their lives.
What we make happen for others, God will make happen for us.
In helping someone go higher in their life, God will send someone to help you go higher too.
In Jesus’ name, we receive it by faith. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Veterans, we say “thank you.” Thank you for your service, dedication, bravery, honor & most of all your sacrifice to this mighty nation and all of its citizens.
We can never thank you enough!

National Gold Star Mother’s Day.


God, we give You thanks for the sacrifice of so many mothers. God, we thank You for the ultimate price of sacrifice that they paid.
God, we ask You to pour out an abundant blessing on them. One too large to contain.
God, we thank You for their son/daughters bravery, strength, love for our country & sacrifice.
In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


God, thank You for hearing & answering our prayers.

Thank You, God, for answering our prayers for Hurricane Jose. God, we thank You, for changing the direction of this storm. God, we call out to You for help with Hurricane Maria.
God, we praise You for answering our prayers for Hurricane Jose. God, we prayed & asked You to turn this storm’s direction & decrease it in strength.
God, we seek Your protection from Hurricane Maria. God, turn this storm and let it return to the sea.
Father, we continue to lift up those affected by hurricane’s Irma & Harvey. God, fill them w/Your abundant peace & love.
God, let them know that You are close to them. God, let them call out to You. God, let them know You collect their tears.
God, bless & strengthen each one of them, every volunteer, every good samaritan that is working towards rebuilding/recovery.
God, their tears are silent prayers envading all of heaven. God, answer their silent prayers swiftly/quickly. God, heal their sorrows.
God, we call upon Your divine & miraculous restoration and recovery of homes, businesses, & livihoods in these affected areas.
In the name of Jesus, we come in agreement. Amen.

In the name of Jesus, angels, help those in need.

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Angels, in Jesus' name, we command you to help the volunteers, 1st responders, good samaritans, national guard, coast guard etc. Angles, give them your strength, endurance & assistance in helping all those people suffering in the aftermath of tropical storm Harvey. God, meet every provision they need to continue helping people get to safety. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen. #tropicalstormharvey #hurricaneharvey #angels #help #CoastGuard #nationalguard #armedservices #volunteers #goodsamaritan #volunteers #floods #storm #disaster #strength #endurance #provisions #God #prayersforhouston #prayfortexas #God #protection #Believe #Jesus #prayers #prayerstillworks #restoration #rebuild #houston #houstonfloods

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