You must oppose your negative thoughts with God’s living words.


You must oppose your negative thoughts with the life of God’s words.
Your mind will deceive you. It will tell you that you will never amount to anything.
It will tell you that you are a failure. It will say that of all the people in the world, that God would not choose to use you incredibly.
You will hear your mind tell you that you will be poor forever. And it will say that you will never amount to anything.
But the devil is a liar! Here is something to encourage you.
When you hear those words echoing in your mind, you must combat them with God’s words. Say what God says about you. Open up your mouth and say the opposite. Speak life!
Verbally say you are blessed, victorious, loved, cherished, live in abundance, favored, thankful, and grateful. Say that everything your hand’s touch must flourish and that everywhere your feet touch you posses.
When you hear, you are always going to fail, you verbally say, God says I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.
When you hear your thoughts saying, who do you think you are? That God doesn’t love you like that! You verbally come back saying, I am the chosen child of God. He created me to do big, outrageous, blockbuster, colossal, and humongous things for His glory.
Remember, you have power with your words and the POWER to change those negative thoughts.
If you want things to change, you must do something different. If you don’t want your tomorrow to be like today, speak life into it and stop believing your negative thoughts.
Your tomorrow is build by the positive words you speak into it today, not by the negative thoughts you keep holding onto.


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