Your words can build up or tear down.


Your spoken words contain the power to promote or the power to devalue.
Be very mindful about the words uttered by your tongue.
Do the words you speak cause agony, hurt, pain, and tears?
Even the words you speak to your family can raise them up OR pull them down.
God’s word warns us about tearing down others with our words.
Sometimes we speak harsh words to the ones we love that we would not utter to any other person.
Our words can build or tear down. Mere words can cause damage that lasts a lifetime.
Mere spoken words can send another person into a downward spiral that they never recover from.
Mere words can inflict pain, wounds, and suffering that lasts a lifetime.
Mere words can dramatically alter the projected achievements of another person.
Mere words can make someone feel unlovable for a lifetime causing them unrecoverable damage.
If you are speaking evil or using words to tear down others, how will you explain that to God?
There will be a day when we all will have to account for every word spoken.
No one will be exempt from this judgment(Matt12:36).
No man is promised tomorrow. Today, seek the forgiveness of a loving and almighty God.
Today, I am so thankful for His forgiveness. I am not exempt from this judgment, BUT I have sought His forgiveness and stand in His grace of being forgiven.

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