God, help us worship our way thru the storms!


We all pray for storms never to darken our horizons. A lot of us seek a life with less drama and bad situations.
Some of us work very hard to make the right choices and live a drama-free life.
But even make all the right choices does not mean that storms will always go in a different direction.
Testing of our faith will cause it to grow.
Like a good teacher, our knowledge must be tested. Testing of our faith is the same. It must be tested.
Growth in our faith and knowledge increases our faith, wisdom, and understanding.
The storm you battle will not only bring you victory, God glory, but it will also bear your testimony.
Testing brings forth testimonies of just how wonderful our God is. Your testimonies will assist others in facing the same or similar situations.
So should be happy as we see an impending storm approach? Or perhaps even be pleased as a storm hits us by surprise? Well if you want the absolute truth then yes, we should be ecstatic when a storm hits our lives.
Those storms come for a reason. We have to grow. Without testing, there is no growth.
Am I saying that a life full of a storm after storms is fair? No, of course not. But with all things, there is a reason why all those storms keep coming?
We have to figure out why our life is in so much turmoil and testing. God is a God of order. There is a reason for everything that happens in our life. And, God is never surprised by what goes on in our lives.
If He allows the storm, He knows we can conquer all thru Jesus!
So when those storms appear, be of good cheer and worship God for the victory.
Thank Him that when the storm is over, He will take you to the mountain that you would never have been able to conquer without Him.
Just as we must pass through the low, low valleys, God will take us to the highest mountains of victory!
So when that storm is coming, worship your way through it. Thank God for testing, building, and increased new faith! Thank Him for the testimonies that will come out of this storm.
Most of all, thank Him for His faithfulness. See when you are walking through a storm of poverty, unemployment, depression, sickness, etc.., most of us will see who is our true friend.

All those fair-weather friends will disappear, but God will never leave.
At the beginning of the storm, through the storm, and at the peak of victory, He will be there. Forever faithful! Amen.

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