Who is this God that left His throne for you?


Who is this God that came to be born a man to experience human life for you? Who is this God that experienced poverty, betrayal, temptations, hate, political, and governmental forces coming against Him, love, loyalty, and every other human emotion?
This God is Jesus. The one true son of God. He is our Savior who shed His blood for the redemption for each one of us.
He may have born poor but did not remain in poverty. How can a God who brings abundance to His children to allow His son to stay in poverty? Though Jesus experienced poverty, He did not remain in poverty. Jesus had to experience both.
There is no human experience that Jesus does not have first-hand knowledge about. He experienced it all. So there is nothing that you can’t bring to Him in prayer that He does not know about.
God gained knowledge of our human experience through His son, Jesus. So there is nothing we go through that God does not understand because of Jesus’ own experiences.
Today, whatever you are going through, bring it to God. Today, seek out the REAL reason for Christmas. That is the birth of our Savior, Jesus.
God gave each one of us the ultimate gift. That gift is Jesus, which is a priceless gift that promises eternal life. Today, seek out Jesus.

You can’t fool God!


Don’t think you can hide your true heart from God. He sees and knows all.
Some of us put up a façade to trick others into seeing what we what them to see.
We hide our addictions, our pain, our secrets, our past, our scars, our depression, our whole life behind those facades.
We pretend we are something that we are not.
We fight so hard to hide our real selves. We lie, we cheat, we deflect, we steal, and hurt others to conceal the truth of who we are from getting out.
We trick our own minds into believing the lies we tell to others. Then the ultimate betrayal to ourselves is when buying the façade we put up as the real truth. We brainwash ourselves to see our lies as the truth.
We have hidden secrets. We think that if we don’t talk about them or acknowledge them that they won’t be exposed.
We fight tooth and nail to keep our secrets hidden.
Sometimes we sweep them under the rug or don’t ever mention them. We think maybe if we never speak about those secrets that they aren’t what really happened.
If you have done this, you don’t have to be ashamed of your past. God loves you no matter what you have done and where you came from.
God knows the real you. You can’t hide the truth from God. But here is the good news for you. No matter what you have done, God loves you, anyway.
But here is the great news. God loves you, regardless of your past. He allows you to start over. God brings a reset in your life. He is the fresh start you have been looking for.
God is all-forgiving. His love is unconditional, never-failing, never-ending, all-consuming, and He will never judge or shame you. He will never stop loving you, regardless of what you have done.

Now, that is the ultimate unconditional true love!

God, hear our prayers for Midland and Odessa.


Father, there is another shooting in Texas. God, hear our pleas and cries for Your help and mercy.
God, we lift each family who is affected by this horrific tragedy. Holy Spirit comforts each of them. Do not their hearts fill with anger and hate to seek retaliation in any way.
God, give each of them Your peace. A calming peace that only comes from You. Ease their pain. Disperse their confusion, anger, depression, and suffering! God, shower them with Your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
God, why does this keep happening? Show us how to stop this. God, reveal to us what is driving this violence that causes death and destruction in the lives of innocent people.
Father, show us the root cause of this.
Father, make our leaders work together to agree on sensible laws that will work, etc. Stop them from blaming each other.
Stop them from hating each other and pointing the fingers of blame on each other.
God, we know that our actions produce reactions.

Father, let us seek You for the forgiveness of our sins and the sins of this nation.
God, we as a people and a nation continue to sin, and we think that sin does not have consequences, but they do.
Our sins open doors to consequences that are too much for us to pay.
People mock and laugh at us as we continue to pray for answers. They tell us our prayers are useless. They say that if prayers worked that these tragedies would not happen in the first place.
The truth is that all of our sins have painful consequences that are too much for us to bear. God’s word tells us that the wages of sin is death (Rom6:23), BUT we are blessed with a gift of Jesus, our Savior! Amen, amen, amen!
Our unforgiven sins will continue to bring mass suffering, despair, and destruction, but most people don’t want to hear that.
They can’t handle the truth and do not wish to know the truth. The truth is all the sins of the world have attributed to the current state of our nation and our world. The price of all these sins is too much for us to payback! We can never repay what is owed for each one of these sins!
God, thank for our Savior! Because of Jesus, the precious blood He shed on the cross, we do not have to repay those sins! He did this for every one of us. He shed His blood for us and took the place for each one of us. But, we do have to repent and seek true forgiveness!

What is the cost to repay for every baby America kills via abortions? I am not referring to abortions for one year or the total abortions in your lifetime. I am talking about ALL the abortions combined since they started happening. I can’t even imagine what that cost is. What is the price to repay for their baby parts to be sold to companies to research so they can profit from future prescription sales and profits? These acts are ghoulish!
What is the cost to repay when our government looks the other way as children are sold into slavery via human trafficking?

And don’t mistake what I am saying about our government. I am not talking about one particular person in the government like blaming this all on our current President or his administration. I am referring to the years and decades of our government doing nothing while these atrocities take place. I am also referring to our role in these atrocities. I am not saying that we had a direct hand in all abortions or trafficking, but we have an indirect hand in it.

We sit back in our comfortable homes and look the other way as these things take place. We need to say something! Write a letter, an email, etc.. to your congressperson, the mayor, the governor, or your local representative. Let your voice be heard. Even if nothing changes, at least you know you tried and God will also know.

God help us never to stop praying. You tell us to pray without ceasing(1Thes5:17). We cannot give up on or abandon our prayers! Do not let anyone silence our prayers.

Father, forgive us! Father, forgive our sins that we have committed against You. Father, forgive our nations for the sins they have committed against You. God, heal our lands. God, bring peace and love back to all of our hearts. God, send wisdom and knowledge to us. God, help us stop these acts of violence, expose the plots and plans of evil people, stop our children from being killed in our schools, and stop these acts of murder in our malls, shopping centers, etc. God, help us voice our displeasure that You have been banned from our schools. God help us express our anger of all these things! God, make us bold with loud voices to tell those in charge that we do not like our money being used to murder innocent babies, that we do not like the fact that prayer and God have been removed from our schools. Father, let us seek You and Your word diligently!
Father, do not let our hearts and souls grow cold towards You and towards each other.
Holy Spirit, convict those who mock us as we seek God relentlessly.
Father, we ask all these things in the name above all names, Jesus.

He will answer our prayers.


We pray for specific things asking God to bring it to pass.
We have an idea of just how we expect God to answer our prayers.
We put God in our box, we contain Him, and we place limits on Him.
We tell Him exactly how to do things because that is how it will perfectly fit into our lives.
But one thing we have to remember. God is not a man! God does not work on our timeline or schedule.
God does not work inside our perfect box. God does bigger, grander, and humongous things.
God will not answer your prayer the way you are expecting Him to.
God will bust your box wide open. He will destroy any preconceived idea of how He does things.
However, He does answer your prayers; it will make you stand back in awe of Him. His answered prayers will blow your mind.
Have you ever heard of the phrase “be careful what you pray for”?
God will answer your prayer, but when He does He will push you out of your comfort zone. He will bring a test to prepare you for the exact thing you prayed for.
Be prepared to be moved into a place of discomfort as God tests, builds, refines, prunes, and brings pressure to your life.
He does all of these things out of His love for us. He cannot bring answered prayers without preparing us.
Doing so would destroy us. We cannot receive our answered prayers without first being prepared.

God knows and sees all.

Always remember that God knows and sees all. Find solace that God knows and understands.
God understands how you feel when you are lied about, betrayed, made fun of, and bullied.
God knows because of His son, our Savior, Jesus.
God became flesh through our Savior, Jesus, to experience every human emotion.
God knows because his Son, Jesus, experienced it all on our behalf.
Jesus suffered and experienced loneliness, sadness, abandonment, betrayal, frustrations, and deep sorrow.
So give all your cares to God. You can do that fully understanding that God truly knows each one of them.
God knows how many tears you have shed. He has collected each one of them.
He sees and feels the deep anguish you are holding in your heart.
He is the one who will avenge you. Do not seek revenge on those who have caused you so much pain.
Give that pain to God! Do not hold onto it. Give it to Him and watch what He does with it. God wastes nothing not even your pain.
So give every pain & burden to God. Lay each one of your troubles at the foot of the cross.
They are too heavy for you to bear. We were never meant to carry those burdens. Give them all to God.
Leave each burden with God and pick up your joy, love, and happiness.

God, hear our prayers for the end of hatred!


God, today we are weeping with such heavy sorrow.
Father, today a crazed and hateful person went into a place of worship to hurt, maim, and destroy innocent lives?
God, these innocent people were there to celebrate the blessing of a new baby.
This is a horrific act of bigotry, hate, and racism.
Father, we need Your comfort today! How much more pain can this nation endure?
Father, so much hate is swirling around trying to hold each one of us in its grip.
Holy Spirit, comfort all of those in pain. Engulf them with Your abundant love and peace.
Holy Spirit, hold them up in their weariness & distress. Blanket them w/peace, and Your love that knows no end.
Father, do not let this incident deter us from praying for the unity of this mighty nation.
God, let us not grow weary in doing good. Do not let discouragement take hold of our hearts and spirits.
Father, do not allow this incident instill fear in our hearts about attending our houses of worship.
You did not give us the spirit of fear but of one of a sound mind, peace, and love.
God, we bind fear, hate, bigotry, and racism. We release love, unity, peace, and acceptance in their places. Your word tell us that what is bound on earth is bound in heaven and what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven(Matt16:19).
We pray in agreement and unity in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Endless, limitless, unfailing, unconditional love.


No matter how far you have strayed away from Him, He will always love you.
No matter how many times you have denied who He truly is, He still loves you.
No matter how many times He has heard you say “God, won’t do that for me,” He still loves you.
No matter how many times you have walked away from Him, He will always love you.
No matter how many times you fail and come short of His glory, He will always pick you up and love you.
We all seek a true, and unconditional love. Our Father in heaven gives that love freely. Seek Him and His unfailing love.
To know the true love of a compassionate Father, will change your life forever.
Know that you are the apple of His eye.

God, we come in agreement.


God, we come in agreement via prayer and lift every person who is in the midst of hurricane Florence.
Father, there are those who have lost everything they own. Others have even lost precious loved ones.
They feel alone and helpless. God, engulf them with Your endless love.
Holy Spirit, comfort them and give them Your peace that passes understanding.
Let them know that everything will be fine. Fill them with confidence, strength, and boldness to speak this into existence.
God, fill every need they have. Let the fear, sorrow, and bitterness that may be trying to attach itself to them be scattered now in the name of Jesus.
Although they have endured so much, let worship and praise rise from their lips to Your ears.
Father, we give You thanks for every first responder. We thank you for their bravery & courage.
God, we are so thankful for every volunteer. We thank You for their hearts that are full of love and willingness to help those who are suffering.
Angels, in the name of Jesus, we dispatch you to help every person crying out to God for help.
Angels, help them, guide them, and protect them. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

Happy Independence Day.


Today, we celebrate our independence as a sovereign nation under God.
I am so truly blessed that God bestowed such a tremendous blessing on me.
He blessed me astoundingly when I was born in this great nation.
Long ago, brave men & women left the comforts of their homeland to seek a better life. They sought out a new home where they could worship as they pleased.
Hoping all men and women would be treated equally, they instilled rules & laws.
Here, I am truly free. Free to say what I want to say, free to talk about God’s glory, free to vote, free to voice my opinion.
Founded on the principle of God’s word, this nation can honestly say “in God we trust”!
I am so thankful to the brave men & women who have fought and continue to fight to protect this nation’s freedoms and independence.
This nation is and always continues to be a beacon of hope for those who seek it’s friendship, assistance, and guidance.

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