America’s comeback – returning from the edge of destruction.

America, we have been asleep at the wheel for a long time.
We are waking up into what we believe was a horrible dream, but it is now our reality.
We put our lives on autopilot. We gave control of our final destination to other people.
We fully trusted what we were being told. We didn’t verify. We didn’t ask questions. We just went along quietly as others drove America into the ditch.
We allowed ourselves to be lied to. We let our American dreams be turned into a nightmare.
We let others go out and declare to the world that America was a racist country full of people who’s sins were unforgivable.
We allowed our leaders to turn our inner cities into war zones.
We allowed those same leaders to turn those cities into places that no human should have to live in.
We allowed those leaders to make those who were in poverty before even more impoverished.
We allowed those same leaders to enrich themselves as those in poverty turned poorer.
We allowed those same leaders to stop teaching our children in these large cities. We sat back as watched as our children did not even gain a primary education.
We allowed those same leaders to take away the right of school choice.
We allowed those same leaders to systematically turn large cities into outdoor homeless encampments.
We allowed those same leaders to kill off our population by flooding our streets with potent, highly addictive, and powerful illegal drugs.
We allowed those same leaders to give away our jobs and turn small towns into ghost towns.
We allowed prayer and the talk about God to be removed from our schools. Now, our children live in fear of school shootings.
We allowed political correctness to take over, and it made us conscientious of everything we were allowed to say. This political correctness chipped away our precious freedom of speech.
We allowed those same leaders to tell us that boys who “identified’ as girls could compete against our daughter’s in their sports events.
They also told us that those same “girls” could shower and use the same restrooms with our daughters. We were told that if we didn’t agree that we ourselves were racists.
We allowed our children to be indoctrinated in our colleges. We allowed these colleges to hire professors who hate America. We let their poisoned minds teach our children, thus filling their minds and hearts with that same poison and hate.
We allowed big corporations to grow into monopolies, thus driving small businesses into bankruptcies.
We voted in leaders who do not believe in criminal justice. These leaders see our justice system as racist.
Thus, they allow those guilty of serious crimes to roam the streets to create more victims.
We allowed these same leaders to leave our border unsecured. Thus we have now imported dangerous criminals from so many other countries.
We have allowed those leaders to leave our veterans out in the cold. These brave men and women fought for our nation, Her people, and Her freedoms.
We allowed so many of them to suffer.
We have allowed our military men and women to be wounded, maimed, and killed for no reason.
Then if that wasn’t enough, we allowed them to suffer in silence with PTSD once they returned home.
We have allowed those same leaders to keep us in endless wars. We have wasted so much money on wars that we should not be involved in.
On and one it goes. America, when is enough going to be enough?
When will we demand that those responsible for the near destruction of America have to be held accountable?
Yet, what do we do? We continue to re-elect the same politicians into office. They blatantly lie to our face, and we keep rewarding their lies by re-electing them. It is time to vote them out of office!
Now, we allowed radicals to be voted into office.
We are blessed to live in a democracy where we have the incredible gift of choosing our leaders, yet many of us never even bother to vote.
Now, we have voted into office those who do not even try to hold those guilty of crimes accountable.
We have allowed “no cash bail” to be implemented, allowing a revolving door for violent criminals.
America, we have allowed our wages to be driven down by not demanding that the entry of low skilled workers from other countries be held to a limit.
We allowed these leaders to place abortion clinics in our brown and black communities. We stood silent as these “clinics,” which are disguised as places for “women’s health,” murder innocent babies of color. If that wasn’t bad enough, we said nothing as they used our money, in the form of taxes, to commit these murders.
Right at this moment, many of these leaders will not allow American’s to go back to work, to reopen their small businesses, to get back to school, and to start to get back to our everyday lives.
They have used their power to impose draconian lock-downs all in the efforts of making our economy fail! Why do they want our economy to fail? So that they will gain more power!
We have been lied to about how many American’s truly have passed away from this deadly virus. Again, inflating this number to gain more power, and to keep us in ultimate fear in order to control us.
Fearful people are so easy to control. They know this and are using it to the fullest extent!
Now, we have allowed our leaders to drive American race relations back to pre-1960 levels. Now racism is alive, thriving, and now on steroids.
We sit back and say nothing as they spoon-fed our youth with hate, blame, excuses, and racism.
We have allowed our leaders to tell us that people should be judged by their skin color and not their character.
First of all, who are we to judge, and second of all, no one should be elevated or held back because of their skin color.
We have allowed these same leaders to tell Caucasian Americans that they should be ashamed of their skin color and are guilty for all the racism in America from the beginning of Her conception.
We have allowed these same leaders to tell those Americans of color that Caucasians are the sole reason they can’t get ahead in life.
The ironic part of this all is that some of those leaders who are bringing shame to Caucasians are Americans of color who somehow managed to rise to leadership positions in a country full of racist.
How can so much “systemic racism” exist in America when America voted in Barack Obama for our President, twice? The answer is that it DOES not exist. It is made up, fabricated, and dishonest! All this dishonesty to keep America divided!
We have allowed these same leaders to lie to us over and over again.
They lied to tell us when they said they represented the working men and women of America. All the while, they were hiding a deep, dark secret. This secret is so vile that they would produce lies so audacious to cover up their secret hate of minorities.
As we gave into them over and over again, their hunger for power grew and grew. Now, it is a greedy monster.
Now, they will lie, kill, blame, and destroy to gain all power and control.
The lies they spew are so lethal that they don’t care who is destroyed in gaining all power and control over us.
America, it is time to pull over, grab a double-espresso, take a walk around the car, open all the windows all the way, and put the radio full-blast.
Wake up, America! We have allowed our vehicle to be taken down a road of destruction.
It is time to pull a U-turn and get back onto the road of recovery.
It is time to ask questions, demand answers, and demand that our nation be returned into the hands of “we the people.”
First and foremost, we are a nation under God, founded by God and blessed by God.
Second, no person should be judged by anyone other than God.
Thirdly, no person should be given favor or held back due to the color of their skin.
Fourth, God created us in His image. The original creator, God, wonderfully made each of us. God does not make mistakes. No person should be ashamed of their skin color, as this is how God created them.
Fifth, God does not operate in shame, guilt, hate, racism, or lies.
So if He does not operate in shame, how can we be ashamed by our skin color? Stand proudly in who God made you to be.
Sixth, we are all forgivable by God. No man can forgive our sins! We should never seek to be forgiven by a human. No person other than Jesus died for our sins. Therefore, only God, His father, can forgive our sins via Jesus.
These are trying times we are in now. Our answer is not to give up on God. He has not and will not give up on us.
We must press into Him even more. We must pursue Him with a hungry heart.
We must pray harder and more fervently than ever. America is in a spiritual battle.
If you are fearful, seek God. You are precious to Him, and He desires to protect that which is precious and unique to Him.
If you feel your faith failing, ask God to restore it. Let thankfulness and gratefulness lead the way to open your eyes to see all the goodness of God.
Hold on! Remember, it is always darkest right before the light breaks through.

Destroying our statues does not erase the past.


First, does racism exist in America? Yes, I am sad to say that it does.
Is America a mostly a racist country? No, I don’t believe it is.
I believe most Americans are not racists and bigots.
I believe America is a great country where we fight for each other, stand up for what’s right, and defend the defenseless.
I see America as a shining beacon of hope for all the world to see.
Now, have we made mistakes? Of course, we have. No one but Jesus is perfect.
We have made tons of mistakes, but thank God for His grace and mercy!
Thank God for the blood of Jesus that redeems us! Can I get an AMEN for that!
Without that precious blood, we get the exact thing that we deserve. That would be death, and an eternity suffering in hell. God’s word tells us that the wages of our sin is death(Rom6:23)!
Now, America has erected statues and memorials to remind us of our past. This past is both bad and good.
We see those statues, and we know that we don’t want to ever go back to some of those mistakes we made and live them over again.
Why tear them down? Why destroy them? Destroying them does not erase the past and does not make us forget.
Destroying them does not make things right, and it never will right the wrongs America did.
I see those statues as reminders of where America should never go again.
Yes, we made those mistakes, but those mistakes do NOT define America.
Our nation is being torn apart by hate right now.
There is rioting, looting, protesting, burning buildings and American citizens are beaten in our streets.
When are we ever going to sit down and talk? Is it too late for discussions? Have we moved too far into our hate and anger that we can’t even talk to each other?
We have to talk about what is bothering us. We cannot keep ignoring it. Ignoring it is how we got here in the first place.
We can’t just keep telling people that they can never understand what living with racism feels like.
Of course, they will never understand, but discussions will help to make them see things in a different light.
We have to share our experiences. How else can we begin to fix what is wrong?
The shoe fits on other feet too. We will never know the road other people have walked in their lifetime. We can’t judge someone’s life experiences by the color of their skin. That is wrong!
Now, do I know what it is like to experience racism? Yes, I do. I have experienced racism in my lifetime.
It is ugly and hateful, and when it is happening to you, you know without any doubts that it is racism.
Now, by saying that, I have only been in a life-threatening situation driven by racism once. I was petrified!
There have been several other experiences that I knew I was being judged and looked at through the eyes of racism.
Believe me, when you are in the middle of these types of experiences, you know it. Again, no apologies were ever received.
Will I ever get an apology? No, I won’t, but those experiences did not make me see the world as a racist place that is full of hate. Those experiences did not taint my vision of this world.
Now, do I know what it is like to experience racism often? No, I don’t. I don’t think I could take so much hate directed at me all the time.
Is it fair? No, it is not! Racism has no place in our lives.
But remember, racism isn’t just directed at black people. Since racism is a taught trait, there is racism against Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, etc. It goes on and on.
Somewhere that person that hates was taught to hate by a family member, a friend, a coworker, etc.
We have to stop teaching our children to hate! As parents, we will all have to answer to God for what we taught or did not teach our children. Did we teach them to love or hate? Did we teach them about God? We were supposed to teach them about God.
If we did teach them to hate, we are responsible for what they did with that knowledge when we stand in front of God to be judged.
Now acknowledging there are hate and racism in the world is not an excuse to hurt people, burn things, loot, and riot. And experiencing racism for yourself isn’t an excuse to do those things either.
Should we peacefully protest for things to change? Of course, we should. We should demand change. We should also require modification for all the injustices against people of color.
Failing schools, poverty, lack of jobs, low-paying jobs, and school choice are worth protesting for. We have to demand change peacefully. We also have to acknowledge and fix broken families. We have to realize that households with no fathers present are factors that negatively affect our children.
Now is it impossible to raise a child without a father’s present? No, it is not impossible. I have seen it done. But, this requires a strict single parent that will not tolerate excuses. This single parent will have to be involved in every area of their child’s life. It is a tremendous, difficult, sometime thank-less job, but it can be done and is extremely rewarding when all is said and done.
Now, acknowledging racism in our communities does not excuse us to fail in life.
We all have a divine destiny to fulfill for God. Once you know that and see that God is on your side, accomplishing that destiny is possible for nothing is impossible with God(Matt19:26).
A lot of us make excuses for not getting things done. We blame others for stopping us and for our failures. Excuses are lies we tell ourselves to appease our guilt and shortcomings.
When you know your destiny, no man, no hater, and no demon can stop you. Will it be an easy road? No, God does not do easy. We have to fight and scratch to get there. There are things God wants to show and teach us along the way.
Also, the enemy will oppose us. The last thing he wants is for us to step into our divine destiny.
So, in conclusion, we have to talk to each other, peacefully protest, demand change from our school board, our local leaders, our governors, our government, and our President.
We have to get involved! We cannot let the other voices speak up for us. We cannot make excuses anymore that we are too busy. We have to get involved. America, and other nations, we are teetering on the brink of collapse in our society. Now is the time and place to demand that changes are made. One voice does matter and can change things.
Most of all, we need to reestablish our prayer lives. We need more deep and fervent prayer(James5:16), fasting, and plated seeds. We need to rebuild the hedges of protection again.
The same is also true for other countries. God is the answer. Prayer works! Never doubt or give up on prayer. We need more prayer now. We need God’s hand involved in what is happening in our world. The hedges for all counties need to be rebuilt.
Don’t give up on God and America. America’s best days are ahead of Her. By the blood of Jesus, I decree and declare this to be so. Amen.

Happy Armed Forces Day.

Thank you for your service & dedication to America. We honor your bravery, courage, and pursuit to protect our nation, citizens, and our freedoms.


Thank You, God, for such a blessing as this!

God, we need You more than ever!


God, today more than ever, we need to seek Your face.
God, today, there is so much uncertainty surrounding us. Loud voices are calling for the impeachment of our President. Those loud voices are telling us that he committed crimes against our nation.
Those load voices seek the President’s destruction above everything else.
Our nation is overwrought with issues that are being ignored by those in our government who were voted into positions to create laws to improve the lives of American citizens. Yet, they continue to fight, call each other names and hold endless, repetitive, and costly investigations.
American jobs are at risk, the middle class is disappearing little by little every day, our streets and bridges are in decay, illegal lethal drugs are pouring into our nation, our laws and constitution are being trampled upon, and our roads are overrun by those who are homeless and drug addicted.
Loud voices keep trying to convince us that abortion is not murder and that it is good for us.
These same voices tell us that an uncheck, unprotected, and an open border is good for us. They tell us that millions of undocumented workers won’t harm our economy, drive down wages, or take much-needed jobs from Americans.
These loud voices keep interjecting confusion, hatred, and turmoil into our lives.
We are told what is best for us and to be silent and obey these loud voices.
If we aren’t silent and we speak up to defend ourselves and our beliefs, we are called despicable names like racists and bigots.
God, today more than ever, we need to drown out those load voices with worship.
We need to silence all the hate, bigotry, anger, and lies with our voice lifted in worship.
Worship brings us into Your perfect peace. Our worship clarifies our thoughts, makes our path clearer, provides divine direction and answers, and brings silence to all confusion and lies.
God, instead of listening to all the lies, let us seek the God of truth.
Let us seek Your face. God, give us all clarity. Holy Spirit, remind us to pray often for God’s will to be fulfilled.

Today, we pray!


On this day that our nation and world is coming together to pray, use it to pray for things that you don’t normally pray for.
Pray for the healing of our nation and world. Pray that hate will come to an end. Pray that God will expose every plot to kill innocent people.
Pray for all lies to be exposed in our government, our nation, our congress, our cities, and our towns.
Pray that truth will prevail.
Pray that God will be brought back to the forefront of our lives where He belongs.
Pray that prayer is brought back to our schools. Pray for the safety and security of our children.
Pray that our eyes turn back to God. Pray to ask the Holy Spirit to convict us when we don’t seek God first.
Pray for the protection of our brave men and women of our military.
Pray for all these endless wars to come to an abrupt, swift, and peaceful end.
Pray for the women facing the decision of abortion. Pray that God will move on their heart to seek alternative actions. Life is a precious gift given my almighty God.
Pray for the President, his protection, his administration, and for the respect for the office of the President be prevalent once again.
Even if you don’t like him, God’s word tells us to pray for our leaders. His word also tells us to pray for our enemies. If you feel the President is an enemy, pray anyway. God tells us to. For through our prayer of our enemies, our animosities dissipate.
Through our prayer, God gives clarity, forgiveness, peace, mercy for those who have offended us, His grace, and blessings.
Pray that God will draw you closer to Him. There is no more significant place to dwell.

Thank you for your service!


Tomorrow we celebrate our Veterans. They deserve to be honored every day.
This nation would be a much different place if our Veterans did not go bravely to fight for this nation.
They have stood up to bigotry, hate, dictators, racism, and acts of genocide.
Each of them went bravely to fight and to continue to fight to keep this nation free.
Admiration of their courage is thoroughly deserved. Our troops decided to place themselves in danger to help each one of us.
They go bravely to come to the aide of total strangers.
Gods’ word says that there is no greater love than to give your life for the ones you love (John15:13).
We say “thank you” for defending our freedoms, our country, our rights, and those who cannot protect themselves.
I say “thank you” for your courage, dedication, and love for this country.
Because of the strength, bravery, and courage of the men & women of our armed forces, I live in a nation where my rights are defended.
God, I am so thankful that I live in a nation where these brave men & women continue to protect my rights to write about You and all of Your glory!

Seek God’s direction and then go out and vote.



God, I thank You that I am free to vote in the upcoming election. I am grateful that my voice is being heard with my vote.
I have the choice of voting in the direction that You counts towards the decisions on how this country is run.
God, I am so thankful that I have a chance to let my voice be heard via my vote in the upcoming election.
I am thankful that I live in a country where I have the blessing of placing a vote.
I am so grateful for those who so bravely marched & protested in peace to give women the ability to vote.
When we choose to sit at home and not vote, we tarnish their legacy.
Too many essential things hang in the balance with this vote. Voting will give you a voice to address changes. Changes that God wants.
Regardless of what your thoughts are about America, this is nation destined to be blessed.
Founded on the principals of God, this nation is a bright beacon of hope that offers people the chance for a better life.

If it isn’t a beacon of hope, why do so many people fight so hard to get here? They break the law, and they risk their lives and the lives of their family, they go into debt to pay another person to get them here.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that this vote is unimportant. This vote is life altering!
This vote holds the direction of this wonderful nation.
Our vote will decide if this nation continues to move towards God or moves towards the things NOT of God.
If you don’t like the direction this nation is moving in, then pray about it. God’s word tells us to pray for our country and our leaders.
But remember God’s will always prevails.
This nation, it’s people of faith, our president, his cabinet, our courts, and our laws are all under spiritual attack.
But do not fear because God is in full control. Our job is to pray for His will to be fulfilled.
As with all things, pray for divine direction about your vote.
God, I thank You for YR divine direction in the choices I made with my vote.
Father, make way for all to seek Your direction and then get out and vote.pray-floral-collage-9.17.17WP


God, break this hatred!


Father, our hearts are full of bewilderment. We see people arguing, name calling, and uttering vile obscenities about each other.
Why? Why do we speak such vile nastiness to each other? Why do we spew so much anger, hate, and malice at one another?
We assume to know that a person is racist, hateful, evil, and despicable.
We assume these things we are speaking are correct when we have no idea if it is true.
Some have utterly convinced themselves that the ugliness they speak about other people is accurate.
God, this self-brainwashing is dangerous. It can lead some to commit atrocious acts of violence with no remorse or concern for the devastation that violence will bring.
Father, where has our decency gone? Your word say’s that men’s hearts will go cold towards one another and that wickedness will multiply(Matt24:12).
We know Your word will come to pass. We know that Your word is real.
God, hear our prayers today as we ask for this wickedness, coldness, frustration, and hatefulness to be broken.
Father, hear us cry out to You. God, turn the hearts of stone back into hearts of flesh.
Let the heats of stone be flesh towards You again. You are the only answer to every problem our nation is facing. God break every ounce of hate engulfing us. God, convict every heart that contains hate for other individuals.
Heal our land, Father. Let us turn from our wickedness, pray, and seek Your face(2 Chronicles 7:14).
Holy Spirit, let Your spirit move across our mighty nation. Bring unity and love back to each of us. Heal this divide in our mighty nation.

In the name of Jesus, we agree and pray. Amen.

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