Happy Spring season from Samson.


You are a unique individual created by the master creator!


Pursue your destiny in 2019!



God planned for you.


Just as our Father in heaven, our words have the same power.
His words created the whole universe. His words created light, day, the sun the moon, the stars, the ocean, all creatures, and humankind.
His words created each and every one of us. He spoke and knew who He created us to be before the foundations of this world.
He planned for you! You are no mistake. No one is a mistake. The creator of the whole universe formed and planned for you to be born.
He planned your whole life before you were born. He carefully and strategically laid out a plan of who He wanted you to become (Jeremiah 2:11).
He planned for everything to come into place so you could fulfill your divine destiny.
Know who you are and who’s you are! You are the apple of His eye (Zechariah 2:8).


Awe-inspiring God!

Valentine’s Day.

God, place worship in our hearts!

Let every breath we have praised God. He is beyond worthy to be highly praised & worshipped!
Father, help us worship You! God, we ask You to help us make worship a priority in our hearts.
Father, make our voices those of gratitude & thankfulness for You, our Savior & our comforter the Holy Spirit.
Father, You desire our worship! Our worship is our key to enter into Your holy presence!
God, we need You. There is no us without You. God, make each of us audacious & fire-filled worshippers!
God, the thought of WHO YOU are is worthy of all our worship!
You are our creator, our father, our healer, our provider, our protector, our greatest love, our help, our Savior, our comfort, our peace, our joy, our breath. We owe it all to You, God.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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