In the swirling fear of coronavirus, let’s go back to the basics – worship!


Its been a while since we just worshipped God. I think with all everything going on in our world right now, this is a good day to go back to that place of worship.
We need to use our worship to find His peace and serenity. In our worship, we find His love, and most of all, His presence!
God, we thank You for who You are. You are holy, magnificent, glorious, and beautiful.
Thank You for waking us up today. Thank You for keeping us safe last night as we slept.
God, we love You will all our hearts. We worship You for everything You have blessed us with.
We thank You for the food we have to eat, the bed we have to sleep in, the job to support our families, we thank You for our health, thank You for this day. For this is the day You created, and we shall be glad and rejoice in it (Psl118:24)
God, we thank You for our Savior, Jesus. Thank You that He took our place on the cross. Thank You, Father, for giving Your only Son, Jesus, to die in our place on the cross.
Because of Him, we are restored back to You. We say thank You, Father. Thank You for the comforter, the Holy Spirit.
Father, we thank You that You are our strong tower, our defender, our protector, and our warrior.
Father, thank You for Your peace, joy, and abundant happiness.
Thank You, Father, for the way You love us! You love us without expectation, and You love us just how we are. You love us, relentlessly!
Your love is unconditional, never-ending, never ceasing, and unfathomable
Thank You, Father, for Your mercy and grace that renews every morning.
Thank you, Father, for the pursuit of us. Thank You, God, that before the foundations of this world, You loved us.
Before this world was formed, You were thinking, planning, and in anticipation of us.
God, thank You for Your never-ending forgiveness.

Thank You for Your divine plans for our lives. Thank You that You have a purpose set out for each one of us.
Thank You that as we worship You, all fear, all doubts, all depression, all worries, and all anxieties must flee.
Thank You that our worship brings our focus back to You. It places You front and center, and everything else falls to the background.
Thank You that our worship moves mountains. It makes a way when there seems to be no way.
God, protect us. God, there is so much fear about coronavirus and the death that comes with it.
Father, right now, in the name above all names, we bind all viruses, including coronavirus. We loose perfect health and safety in its’s place.

God, Your word says that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven. Whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven(Matt18:18).
God, we thank You for Your divine protection for our families against all forms of viruses, disease, sickness, and coronavirus.
God, we command that we shall live and NOT DIE (Psl118:17) in the name of Jesus.
God, we place a hedge of protection around each one of our family members.
God, we place the whole armor of God on each of our family members(Eph6:10-18).
God, we thank You for everlasting life thought our Savior. Thank You that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.
Father, we cast every form of this virus to the pits of hell where it belongs.
Father, we ask Godly wisdom upon man to come up with a vaccine quickly.
Father, we ask for forgiveness for our disobedience of You. God, heal our lands.
Father, as fast as this virus appeared, we ask that it dissipate and disappear that quickly too.
God, we ask for protection over our President and his administration from all forms of sickness, disease. and all viruses. Angels, in the name of Jesus, surround the President, his family, and his whole administration and divinely protect them. Your word instructs us to pray for leaders (1Tim2:1-3).
God, we ask for divine protection around our troops and their families.
God, we ask protection around our children and their schools.
God, send angels to protect each one of us.
God, we seek Your face. God, restore our economy and our nations.
God, we ask that the truth be revealed exactly how this virus started. Let the truth be known. What man does is secret shall be made known to all man.
Father, we know that we are inching closer and closer to the second coming of our Savior. God, let every heart be restored to you.
God, we ask for a resurgence of You. We ask that this world be will turn back to You. God, let there be a revival of You.
God, let there be a new hunger and thirst for You. God reignite fires and passions for You and everything about You.
God, let us see a mighty move of God.
God, we ask all these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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