Yes, God! I will fulfill my God-given destiny!


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Whatever you do, hang on to that prophecy!


We get so excited when we receive a prophetic word over our lives.
We wait and wait and wait for those prophecies to come to pass.
Then several months later, when that promise has not shown up, we often give up on it.
We give up too soon! We think God’s promises will show up the next day or the following week.
The truth is that God’s promises may not show up for years. Could you wait 12, 15, or 20 years for God’s prophecy to come to pass? Would you wait that long???
We have to remember that God’s timing is not the same as ours. He does not recognize time passing the same way we do. Years may pass for us, but for God, it may only be a year’s timeframe.
Between the time that promise is spoken and the time it shows up, we have work to do.
You MUST keep that word alive. We MUST speak life into that prophetic word. We have to remind God of that promise often and show Him that we have not given up on it.
Write that prophetic word down, word for word. Write down specific things like where you were, the date, the time, who was with you, how you felt, and the things you felt.
Then, read it often, and remind God of His promise spoken through His true prophet.
The word has to come from a true prophet of God! There should be clear evidence that this prophet or prophetess has a good track record of speaking God’s will via their prophecies.
Also, remind yourself, often, that God is faithful and that His promises have to come to pass.
There are a lot of false prophets in this world. Those false prophets come to fool/trick you.
You don’t have to wait for the prophet to come to town. Go and prophecy over yourself. You know God’s word. Use it!
Lay hands on yourself and prophecy that God came to give you a more abundant life. Prophecy that God has healed your body and mind, that you are set free, that you are blessed coming in and going out, that everywhere your feet touch that you shall possess it, that God is restoring your power, that you are a descendant of Abraham and as his descendant, you have access to all the promises God spoke over Abraham.
All of this is in your bible, AND much, much, much more! Read it yourself! Remind yourself of all of God’s promises.
He wants you blessed beyond anything you can contain. He blesses you for you to, in turn, bless others.
Believe, receive, and decree these promises today!

God’s word stands forever. Amen!


God hasn’t forgotten what He promised you! God cannot lie, and He is always faithful!
He will bring it to pass. Somehow, someway, God will do it! He always keeps his promises.
Though it seems impossible, it seems so far away, and it appears as though it will never happen, God will do it!
So what every confirmed promise you have, hold onto it. Never give up on it. Never let it go. Never let anyone talk you out of what God promised.
God will bring to pass what He promised. He has to! If He doesn’t, that means that God is breaking His word.
God’s word CANNOT be changed or altered in any way. His word cannot be broken or unfulfilled. His word is His word period. It is never changing, never-ending, and all abiding, in the name of Jesus!
God himself cannot change His word. Heaven and earth shall pass, BUT HIS WORD will stand forever. Amen!
Speak with bold authority that God must bring that promise to pass. Utter it aloud with confidence. Let God, yourself, and the enemy hear it often. But be prepared because when you speak with boldness and authority of God’s promises and words, all hell will break loose.
The enemy will fight to stop you. Our enemy will do everything to stop you from stepping into your divine destiny.
As much as God wants you to achieve your destiny, our enemy wants, even more, to stop you from fulfilling that destiny.
The enemy wants to make God be a liar. He wants to keep you poisoned with fear and doubt, and He wants to make you double think who you are and whose you are.
He wants you not to believe who God says you are and what God told you could have.
Do not believe his lies for he is the father of all lies.
Combat his lies with the TRUTH of God! That is why uttering God’s promises aloud and often, are imperative! Without theses, utterance’s of God’s promises, you are susceptible to the lies, doubts, and fears of the enemy!

Can God use you?

Yes, LordWP4.2719

Never think God can’t use you! He uses imperfect people to complete His perfect plans.
Moses argued with God about His plans, instructions, and directions BUT GOD powerfully used Moses.
David had an illicit affair with, BUT GOD rose David to a kinghood from the place of being a shepherd boy.
Noah loved his wine and nudity, BUT GOD used him to save and preserve humanity, animals, and birds.
Jonah ran away from God, but God used him anyway.
Sarah was impatient and pursued her plans in place of Gods to bring His promise sooner, BUT GOD did not hold that against her.
Gideon was a doubter, BUT GOD transformed him anyway into a great warrior.
Do not think that your past can dictate where God will place you.
Do not think that God cannot use someone like you.
You are the apple of God’s eye, and He has set aside great plans and a victorious destiny for you.
Even if you doubt, run away, worry, or have an imperfection that you think disqualifies you, God will use you!
All you have to do as ask for God’s merciful forgiveness for these transgressions. Then speak these four powerful words to God.
“Yes, God, use me!”

God, use me!


Have bold confidence to face any fear, giant, naysayer, friend, or family member that is telling you that God won’t gigantically use you.
If you have a confirmed promise from God, do let anyone or anything steal it from you.
Don’t make excuses why God can’t use you. Stand boldly in who you are and in whose you are.
God used Moses who had a speech impediment. Moses argued with God about His plans to use Moses to accomplish this goal.
Moses had very little faith in God at the very beginning of their relationship. BUT God transformed Moses into a BOLD warrior that freed God’s people from the bondage of slavery.
David had an illicit affair with Bathsheba, BUT GOD used him to become a King. David became a man after God’s own heart with his worship and praise of God. I long to be a worshipper the likes of King David!
See God uses imperfect people to accomplish His goals on the earth.
We only have to say “Yes, Lord. Use me!” God will do the rest!

Hold on! Your destiny is closer than you think.


No matter how long it takes for you to step into your destiny, do not give up.
God is not a man that can lie. He will never mislead or misdirect you. Do not let go of your blessings.
He has considerable & tremendous plans to bless you. You must trust that He knows what He is doing.
Do not think that delay means that it will never come to pass. God’s timing is always perfect.
Whether you decide to give up on your dreams or choose to pursue them, time will pass either way.
Use that time wisely to prepare, seek God, pray, and complete any directions from God that will place you at the right time and place when He decides to open the door for your destiny.
If you give up and do not work towards preparedness, you will not be ready when the time comes for God to open your door to the fulfillment of your destiny.
If you hold on and do not give up, fulfillment of God’s purpose for your life
will come to pass!

What your mind hears, your mind will believe.


What kind of words do you speak over yourself?
Are those words full of power, positivity, motivation, and love?
Or are those words full of lies, doubt, negativity, fear, and failure?
Your words should declare that you are victorious, beautiful, wise, knowledgeable, productive, remarkable, and beloved by God?
Choose to speak life, speak your destiny into existence, and speak the words God speaks about you.
Your mind will believe the words you speak.

Happy MLK Day.


Fear can hold us captive never letting us move forward into God’s promises
Fear can come from the self-doubt you might have that God has so many blessings to shower into your life.
Maybe fear sets in when you think about how different your life will look when you give full control to God.
Maybe it is fear coming from believing that God will take everything you love and make you remove it from your life.
Perhaps fear sets in when your friends start telling you that the next step you are going to take in faith for God is too crazy and too scary.
Perhaps it is it something entirely different. Maybe it is fear of the unknown.
Can you imagine if someone like Dr. King Jr. had let fear control his destiny?
You know he had to be fearful at times. So many people hated him for the words he was speaking and the actions he was taking.
Some of those people wanted to stop him at ANY costs. That had to be so very fearful at times. I am talking about paralyzing fear! I can’t even imagine that kind of fear gripping me. I don’t know how I would handle it.
I am so glad he did not stop pursuing his divine destiny. I am pleased he pushed through the fear that came to try to stop him.
Today, we celebrate his courage, his determination, his accomplishments, and his love for others.
Here is a prayer to pray today. God, make me as FEARLESS as you did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

You are a unique individual created by the master creator!


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